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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cycling Venus: Simona Zuber

The Tour de France starts today, which will occupy a lot of Agent Triple P's time over the next three weeks.  In particular, it will be the usual challenge of trying to match local food and drink with the stage route as I watch it on TV.  Today's Grand Départ begins in Düsseldorf, Germany, however, so that means some Warsteiner beer which is brewed about fifty miles east of the city.

Here, by way of celebration, is Simona Zuber. Playmate of the Month and covergirl from June 2016's Playboy Croatia who appeared in a cycling themed pictorial to sportif effect.

Sadly, I have no plans to pop over to France and catch a couple of stages this year as I have done in the past, due to work commitments.  Like Miss Zuber, here, I also have a Specialized bike so may well be out and about on it more than usual (along with every other cyclist in the area; as I live on the 2012 Olympic cycling road race route which still attracts pelotons of riders at the weekend).

Expect some more cycling ladies over the next few weeks!


  1. It would sure be fun drafting her, especially when she's out of the saddle like the first photo!