Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Cycling Venus revisted

Having had some positive comments on the lady I posted a few days ago here, I am happy to post some more shots of her today.

What a very lovely shape she is!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Lust World: Chapter 15: "What about this Daisy I have read about,eh?"

The River restaurant at The Savoy Hotel at the time of our story

The latest episode of my erotic adventure story The Lust World can be found here.  Chapter notes can be found here.  

Although it is less than two weeks since I posted the previous Chapter it has already had more views than Chapter 11, which I posted in February.  Also my friend, S in Canada, insists I post Chapters more often or she loses track of the story!

There are three more chapters in Part 1 remaining and then we move location to Lord Hoxton's very debauched birthday party down in Hampshire for which my friend S has devised some scenes and activities so it will be debauched indeed.  So far I have published around one quarter of what I have written.  I look at each chapter again just before publication and add or subtract (usually add) scenes as I see fit.  Sometimes they have to be changed to fit with subsequent chapters as, rather like a film, I am not writing it in order but in around seven separate chunks which will, hopefully,  all join up in the end!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Balletic Venus revisted

About six years ago I posted a set of pictures of a ballerina in a lilac tutu.  I went to the ballet with a couple of ladies yesterday and, while looking for some nice naked dancers to post, found more than a dozen additional photographs from the set which I have now incorporated into the original post here

Cycling Venus: in a hat

Another cycling Venus, as the Tour de France goes into its final week.  This lady's cap won't offer much protection to her head if she has a spill, I think.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cycling Venus: front and rear elevation

Not exactly a racing bike but I like these front and back views.  What a lovely shape!  That scarf around her hips looks a bit perilous for cycling, though!  Keep your dangly bits away from the spokes!

More Venuses with bikes soon!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Chronicles of Triple P: 1980 - The Sisters

The Head of the River pub, Oxford, in 1979

Although it has only been two weeks since the last Chronicle I had also been working on the next one.  Usually I wait to publish these until the number of views every day slows and reaches around the same number of the previous episode.  This previous episode racked up a lot of views in a comparatively short period of time so I decided that there was no reason to hold the next one back.  The new one is here.

This episode has been considerably helped by the recollections of my friend K,  with whom I have reconnected (in every way) over the last month.  I had no letters sent home to my family to refer to, as it takes place too close to the end of term, but I did note down in my intermittent journal quite a few notes about what I was going through at this point.  I had some idea, even then, of writing a short story based on the incidents, encouraged by A, who took the brunt of my melancholy, over the subsequent summer vacation, in miserable and self pitying letters.   So I have lots of notes such as: "'She was wearing a flowery  sundress with a sweetheart neckline . Superb cleavage."  "Think she really fancies me but sister not pleased".  You will see, anyway. The fact it features two sisters is not really a spoiler given the title of the piece!  Much of the dialogue in this one comes from my early attempt at a story, so was written just a few weeks after the incidents took place.

This is, by some 250 words, the longest of the Chronicles so far, for which I beg your indulgence but it takes place over just a few days in ninth week, the week after official term time finishes at Oxford, so there was no convenient point to add a break.  The next one will be similarly concentrated.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Cycling Venuses

With the end of the first week of the Tour de France we present three ladies enjoying naked cycling or, at least, supporting their tender areas on the noses of their saddles.  The retro down tube shifters either indicate an old photograph or old bikes.  They all look ready for the off, anyway. Cinq-quatre-trois-deux-un!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Lust World Chapter 14: "I'm a game young lady!"

The Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly, at the time of our story

The latest episode of my erotic adventure story The Lust World can be found here. Chapter notes can be found here.  

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cycling Venus: Simona Zuber

The Tour de France starts today, which will occupy a lot of Agent Triple P's time over the next three weeks.  In particular, it will be the usual challenge of trying to match local food and drink with the stage route as I watch it on TV.  Today's Grand Départ begins in Düsseldorf, Germany, however, so that means some Warsteiner beer which is brewed about fifty miles east of the city.

Here, by way of celebration, is Simona Zuber. Playmate of the Month and covergirl from June 2016's Playboy Croatia who appeared in a cycling themed pictorial to sportif effect.

Sadly, I have no plans to pop over to France and catch a couple of stages this year as I have done in the past, due to work commitments.  Like Miss Zuber, here, I also have a Specialized bike so may well be out and about on it more than usual (along with every other cyclist in the area; as I live on the 2012 Olympic cycling road race route which still attracts pelotons of riders at the weekend).

Expect some more cycling ladies over the next few weeks!