Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Masturbating enema Venuses

We have looked at the work of the mysterious artist who produces these (largely) enema themed paintings before.  All sorts of stories circulate on the internet about their provenance but no-one really seems to know.  

There is no doubting the sensuality of the pictures themselves, however, and here we have a trio where the lady is happily frigging herself before, after or during giving herself a clean out with an enema.

This one clearly shows the lady looking at a picture of a girl sucking off a man as indicated by a few deft brushstrokes.  Whether she has already enjoyed using her bulb enema or whether that is a treat to come we don't know but there it sits; easily to hand, with its slim, penetrative end.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Masturbating Venuses by Hajime Sorayama

Today's frigging females are the work of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama (b. 1945).  We begin with this rather straightforward, for him, lady enjoying herself, wrapped in a politically incorrect fur coat.  I have known several girls who enjoy a frig when lying on fur or sheepskin.  You have to be careful not to get any emissions or secretions in the fur or wool, they tell me, however!

Sorayama attended Chuo art school in Tokyo, graduating in 1968 whereupon he got a job working at an advertising agency.  This be-stockinged lady is having fun by rubbing her pussy with the crotch of her knickers, something one of my ex girlfriends enjoyed doing as she would not touch herself with her fingers.  I watched her do it once (just once; she was very shy about admitting to it) and it really was an arousing sight.

Sorayama's big break came when a friend wanted to use a C3PO robot image for an advertisement but couldn't get the necessary legal clearance so Sorayama created a similar robot.  It was the first of many robots he would draw. A lot of Sorayama's pin-up art (as he refers to it - he is a big fan of traditional pin-ups) involve bondage elements (something the Japanese seem very keen on) but fortunately this lady's hand is free.  I have had several lady friends who enjoy bondage and it shocked me, as someone brought up in a largely all female household, that they wanted me to do this to them, initially.

Sorayama's book Sexy Robot appeared in 1983 and his erotic female robots spread his fame around the world.  This multiple finger penetrating ballerina also includes another Sorayama favourite element; a snake, no doubt inspired by the ribbons on her ballet shoes which always induce thoughts (at least with me!) of a touch of bondage.  

In 1984 Sorayama published his first book of pin-ups called (with a flash of creative brilliance) Pin-Up and led to him being contacted by both Playboy and Penthouse to provide illustrations.  Most of these more graphic pictures appeared in Penthouse in the nineties.  I knew one girl who started masturbating by penetrating her anus with her finger and know a number who like to add anal play when they masturbate, which is odd as women don't have a prostate.  However, there are lost of tingling nerves in the perineum and the anus so perhaps it is more bout tickling the entrance rather than deeper penetration.

Inserting objects (carefully!) adds to the fun and this lady has obviously stuffed some beads up inside her in preparation, perhaps, for pulling them out slowly.  The first object insertion shown on the pages of Penthouse had Gina LaMarca, in January 1995, likewise having a string of beads stuffed up inside her pussy.  Pop, pop, pop go my particular friend Sophie's rather larger beads as she pulls them out at the critical moment.

Whether Sorayama painted women pissing because he liked it himself or whether he did it because Bob Guccione liked it, there were quite a few pissing pin ups portrayed in his Penthouse pictures (what a lot of Ps!).  This lady is letting herself go while diddling her clitoris.  The depiction of this sort of activity is quite common in today's porn largely, I suspect, because it provides filmmakers with a visual equivalent of male ejaculation.  I was rather surprised when a lady first did this (accidentally) when I was engaged in an intimate act with her,  It will feature in my next episode of The Chronicles of Triple P!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Masturbating blonde Venus by Louis Icart

Here we have a blonde amusing herself for the entertainment of an unseen (virtually) gentleman, in a picture by French illustrator Louis Icart (1880-1950).  His shoes put the lady in the eighteenth century but this was probably drawn in the mid nineteen thirties.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Nineteenth century masturbating Venus

This nineteenth century lady is giving herself a good seeing to with what looks like a small rolling pin!  The striped stockings were very popular in the 1880s and 1890s.  Almost certainly French.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Masturbating Venus by David Hamilton

In fact, this is British actress Teresa Ann Savoy, most famous for appearing in Bob Guccione's Caligula (1979).  She also starred in Salon Kitty (1976), Private Vices and Public Virtues (1976) and some other Italian films and TV in the eighties before disappearing into self-imposed obscurity.  She died, at the age of 61, in Milan, in January this year, 

It is from a pictorial that appeared in French magazine Lui in August 1980.  Such an overtly sexual pose is unique in Hamilton's work and, at 25, Savoy would have been rather older than his usual models of the time.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Masturbating bedpost Venuses

Here we have three amusing pictures on the same theme; that of an enterprising lady using her bedpost as a convenient dildo.  This first one dates from 1785 and is an illustration by Borel, engraved by Elluin, for an edition of the French novel Thérèse Philosophe (1748), attributed to Jean-Baptiste de Boyer.  As is not uncommon in French erotica (see Emmanuelle) it mixes sexual content with philosophical proselytysing.  In this case. the pernicious and hypocritical attitudes of the French church to sex.  

This next one is from a German book Erotische Eskapaden, published in the mid nineteenth century.  Although the book was published in Germany, several of the plates illustrate men in British Army uniform, of the period of the Charge of the Light Brigade, so it is likely that the anonymous artist was British.  Here, for example, the lady has two military prints hanging on her wall illustrating a trooper of the household cavalry and a soldier from a highland regiment. 

Finally, we finish with a photograph from the late nineteenth century, when striped stockings, such as this, were all the rage, of a lady patently going all the way on her bedpost.  Well done, madame!

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Chronicles of Triple P: 1980: Fighting, Sulking and Provocative Beahviour

K and C's staircase at college

I have just posted the next episode of my erotic recollections in The Chronicles of Triple P, here.

Although it is less than three weeks since I posted my last Chronicle it picked up a large number of views very quickly, overtaking some much older posts. I decided to get the next chronicle published, partly because of this and partly because it really forms part two of the preceding account.

More pertinently, this one extensively features K; C and my best friend at College.  I don't keep in touch with C anymore but K does. I know this because, completely coincidentally, just after I posted the last episode K got in touch with me.  We hadn't communicated for ten years and I haven't seen her for twenty.  This was a lovely surprise (we had lost each other's emails but she found mine in an old address book), we have been happily sending emails to each other ever since and plan to meet up again in London in the next month or so.  In many ways my relationship with her was much more complex than it was with C but K was a lovely, life enhancing girl.

Amazingly, ten days later I was contacted by another girl I interacted with when I was at College.  I haven't seen her for 35 years! She will appear in a forthcoming episode.

This is my longest Chronicle so far, at over 10,000 words but I couldn't think of a way of splitting it in an appropriate place.  Much of the detail comes from a letter I wrote to my old girlfriend A.  However, I spilled ink over it while re-filling my fountain pen. so didn't send it (I had to write it out again) but kept it anyway, thankfully.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Masturbating Cambodian Venus for fifteen and a half million views

Well, we have just reached fifteen and a half million views here on Venus Observations, right in the middle of masturbation month.  The country with the nearest population to fifteen and half million is Cambodia.  On no, where am I going to find a masturbating Cambodian Venus, I wondered?

But never fear, as here is Cambodian-born Mia Park, having a frig in the bath.  Isn't the internet wonderful?

Mia Park was born in August 1985 and was an active porn performer from 2003-2005. when she waa between, therefore, eighteen and twenty years old.   I used to have a colleague who had lived in Cambodia for many years and was very much an old style colonial type.  He had taken a much younger Cambodian wife and missed his house full of young female servants in Phnom Penn.  I had not been to Cambodia and asked him once what was the best thing about the place.  He answered that it was the fact that you could buy a virgin girl for £15.  I was appalled, of course.  Can't see the fun in paying for it anyway and to do that...  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Lust World Chapter 13: "Good to see you in a place like this."

Ferreira port 1863

The latest episode of my erotic adventure story The Lust World can be found here. Chapter notes can be found here.  The previous chapter, posted a month ago has already picked up more views than the one before that, posted seven weeks ago, so perhaps I might post them more regularly, every month. I usually wait until new views slow before posting the next one, hence the irregular intervals.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Masturbating Venuses by Tom Poulton

I have looked at the career of Britain's finest erotic artist, Tom Poulton (1897-1963), extensively, on Venus Observations here.  In addition, I did a post about some of his couples pictures on The Seduction of Venus. The first of these posts contained a number of masturbation pictures but in this post we are going to look at some more of his remarkably frank drawings, all done at the end of the nineteen fifties and the beginning of the nineteen sixties.  We start with this cute, aroused maid, peering through the keyhole and watching...who knows what?  It is exciting enough that she feels the need to stick her hand up under her skirt, anyway!

This one is an unusual subject for an erotic drawing in that it features the pleasure of having a good rub up against an object, in this case the back of a chair.  The process is obviously exciting for the young lady, although I hope the fabric on the back of the chair isn't too rough or she might be rather sore afterwards.  Some nice soft leather would be fine!

Here is a girl in full frig.  Is she, overcome, just looking into the middle distance, observing herself in a mirror, perhaps, or does she have an audience positioned in front of her? She is certainly concentrating on the process and appears to have just reached the critical point.

This one presents the lady's rear aspect as she enjoys one on her front.  As often, with Poulton, the drawing remains unfinished, giving it an immediacy and spontaneity.  We know several ladies who enjoy this position for their solo sessions as it enables some satisfying downward pressure against the palm of their hand, they tell me.

Poulton offers us another rear aspect with a closeup on the action.  From the position of her thighs she is either standing, bent at the waist , or is on her knees. Whatever, Poulton doesn't feel the need to put the rest of her body in context, he just concentrates on those delicate fingers, that fleshy pussy and the sphincter of her anus.

Taking of anuses, here the artist has his masturbating girl probing her cunt with her left index finger while the has the tip of her next finger just in the entrance to her arsehole.  Her right hand teases her clitoris and pee hole, so both hands are well occupied.

This busty lady is equally occupying herself with two hands as well.  She has two finger up to her knuckles in her vagina and an even deeper rectal insertion with her left index finger. 

More rectal penetration here, as the lady delicately inserts an object (possibly that favourite of desperate ladies throughout history, a candle).  The middle finger of her other hand is caressing the inner surface of her labia so it is another two handed frig.  Her expression is wonderful in this one!

Another ecstatic expression in this final one, as we get more anal object attention from the left hand. She is finding this so exciting she is pissing herself at the same time.  Uninhibited, if messy, fun!

As we noted in our longer piece seven years ago, Poulton actually produced very few masturbation pictures but they are all graphic (in every way!) and feature appropriately abandoned looking women.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Masturbating Venuses by Aslan

Masturbation Month continues with some of French artist Aslan's lovely ladies, all enjoying themselves to one degree or other.  This one reminds us of an ex-girlfriend who would only masturbate by rubbing her knicker crotch against her pussy.  She used to get quite worked up!  This one first appeared in Lui magazine in November 1974 and was quite bold as far as Aslan's work went at the time.

This lady is a bit more tentative, perhaps but we can tell what she is contemplating!  Aslan was born Alain Gourdon in Bordeauk and started doing his monthly pin up paintings for Lui magazine (and they were re-printed in Oui in the US) from the first issue in 1964 until 1981  During that time his paintings, reflecting the portrayal; of women in photos in the magazine, became more explicit.

When France started to personify their national symbol of Marianne with famous living Frenchwomen, rather than the previous anonymous figures, Aslan was asked to produce the first one, sculpted of Brigitte Bardot in 1969 and the next one, modelled on singer Mireille Mathieu in 1978. These busts appeared in every French town hall.

Finally, we have this ecstatic looking lady from the November 1976 issue of Lui.  The rendering and detail in this picture is amazing.  Unlike many pin up artists Aslan tended to work from models rather than photographs.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Masturbating Star Wars Venus

So, how do you combine May the Fourth, Star Wars Day, with masturbation month?  Like this, obviously.  Is that a lightsaber in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?  Every slave girl loves giving herself a good jabba where it can do the most good.

The Force is very strong with this young lady!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Masturbating Venus by Albert Marquet

This simple but sensual Indian ink line drawing is by the French artist Albert Marquet (1875-1947).  Born in Bordeaux, he moved to Paris at the age of fifteen, to attend the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs, where he was a roommate of Matisse, with whom he became a lifelong friend.   Although usually called a Fauvist. his paintings were less violent in colour and more naturalistic.  Based in Paris, he travelled widely to North Africa, Italy and Northern Europe, painting his favourite subject; rivers and coastal scenes.

He also painted some nudes and produced a number of erotic sketches, such as this masturbating girl.  We will look at his other erotic work on The Seduction of Venus another time.

Marquet's lady is well into the throes of passion here, her delicate frigging causing her to cover her eyes in ecstasy. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Masturbating Venuses by Gustav Klimt

Sitting in an armchair (1913)

It is Masturbation Month, once more, and after our look at the subject last year we are going to fill Venus Observations with frigging females this month.  What better place to start than the splendidly abandoned drawings of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918).

Seated woman with legs spread (1916)

Klimt was born in Baungarten, near Vienna and early in his artistic career focussed on painting architectural decoration.  His initial treatment of figures was very classical and tight (almost photographic) and he only evolved his distinctive linear with bold blocks of colour approach in the mid eighteen nineties.   This new style, as an influential member of the Wiener Sezession movement, brought him fame and wealth, in contrast to his poverty stricken student days.

By 1904 Klimt had conceived the idea of keeping a number of models (some became his mistresses) on hand in his studio for whenever inspiration struck him.  Described as being like a harem, they inhabited a waiting room connected to his studio until, like a a sultan summoning a favourite concubine, they were invited into the studio itself.

Shortly after Klimt's death the art critic Franz Servaes wrote, rather breathlessly, about Klimt's studio. "He was surrounded by mysteriously naked female creatures, who, while he stood silently in front of his easel, promenaded up and down his studio, lolled and lazed around and bloomed throughout the day - always ready for the master's signal to remain obediently stiff as soon as he had glimpsed a pose or a movement that tantalised his sense enough to fleetingly capture it in a quick drawing."

The use of the word 'lolled' by Servaes is interesting as it is exactly the same term used by a journalist in the sixties when describing the abandoned poses of the girls in the early days of Penthouse, compared with Playboy.  Klimt's women loll with thighs spread and fingers delicately probing at their vulvae, just as Bob Guccione had them in the pages of his magazine seventy years later.  Like the Penthouse Pets, Klimt's girls are lost in their own self-absorbed reverie.  Abandoned, reflective, disinterested but assertively feminine.

Reclining semi-nude (1914)

We know nothing about these models, really, other than the fact that some, at least, were prostitutes, as Klimt didn't keep diaries and all his papers were destroyed by a lover after his death.  But the freshness and spontaneity of Klimt's line shows us that these were real women, not a created fantasy, exposing themselves and masturbating for the artist.  These were not created for 'gentlemen collectors'  (as were Boucher's explicit nudes) or as pornography; they were part of Klimt's obsession with documenting the essence of life of the human being, including its sexuality. Female sexuality, which was being acknowledged openly for the first time, being a subject of great fascination to Viennese artists during this period.

Seated woman with hat (1910)

Equally, these women are not the idealised ones of his earlier works but are everyday women, dressed or undressed.  His use of line is not employed to create an image of improved beauty but to record the women as they were at that point in time. legs apart in his studio, frigging unconcernedly as if the artist wasn't there in the room with them, watching their movement and inhaling their musky scent.  Like Guccione's later photographs it is the art of the voyeaur and, as we will see in a future post, very different to his contemporary, Egon Shciele's, approach.

Klimt had a number of run-ins with the public and critics over his frank depiction of women's bodies in his paintings but these pictures were not, of course, made public at the time.  Although Vienna was becoming a hotbed of sensual exploration during this period these would have been considered obscene and even as recently as 1966 an Italian judge branded them as just that.

From Dialogue of the Courtesans (1907)

In 1907, however, Klimt was asked to illustrate a new German translation of Lucian of Samosata's Dialogue of the Courtesans by Franz Blei.  He went back to the drawings he had done in his studio and fifteen of them were published in the book: the only occasion his erotic drawings saw the light of day during his lifetime. The drawings included single girls, a copulating man and woman and a lesbian threesome (Lucian's book, published in 43 AD, was, perhaps, the first to discuss lesbianism).  Two out of the fifteen drawings featured masturbating women.

From Dialogue of the Courtesans (1907)

At the time it was published, the writer Felix Salten said about Klimt's illustrations: "You poor fools who do not hear the nameless power of this sacred invocation of carnality.  Here is the only artist whore bourgeois prudishness does not obscure nature in all its glory."