Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Future Venuses

I am conscious that I have not been posting much lately and this is largely due to work commitments.  This does not mean I haven't been working on some posts, just that none are ready yet.  I had a complete disaster last week when I lost an entire post I had been working on for days.  I am now  reconstructing it, as at least all the pictures have been scanned, even if I have had  to rewrite the text!

So what is on the way for Venus Observations?

In the wink of an eye: Back door Venuses in UK Men's magazines 1 - 1971 to 1976

My long gestating piece on the rise and fall of the appearance of auses in men's magazines in the UK in the seventies.

Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars Part 13 1981 Part 3

The next part of the Pubic Wars, covering July to September 1981 is well on the way.

Centrefold Venus of the Month 64: Janice Kane, October 1974

Another Pet of the Month in the rather pioneering, racy pictorial of English girl Janice Kane in North Africa.

Swedish naturist Venuses from Tidlösa magazine: Part 2

A piece on an interesting report published by British Naturism last year, illustrated with more fifties and sixties ladies from a Swedish naturist magazine.

Young Egyptian Venuses: The Singer and Applause by Edward Onslow Ford

Looking at two linked Victorian sculptures and what they tell us about contemporary attitudes towards young women and the interest in Egyptian themes.

I also have posts on artists Leopold Schmutzler, Jean-Frederic Schall and Delphin Enjolras in the works.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Venus with a feather boa by Earl Moran

Here is a wonderfully tactile painting by American pin-up artist Earl Moran.   Moran produced rather more sensual nudes than some of his contemporaries (such as Gil Elvgren)  and he could make them genuinely erotic, not just saucy or cute, as here.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hungarian Venuses by Miklos Mihalovits

Hungarian painters have a tradition of sensuous nudes and none more so than Miklos Mihalovits (1888-1960).  In the past we have looked at works by Károly Lotz, István Csók (the post on whom I have just extensively updated), Károly Teuchert and Molnár Pál.

A few years ago Triple P was spending quite a lot of time in Budapest and sitting outside the Inter-Continental hotel on a summer's evening would see a seemingly endless stream of lovely women parading up and down.  If they were professional ladies (as they might have been, given the location) then they were certainly several grades above any others I have seen anywhere else!

Indeed, when I was there I met a quite well known nude model and former Penthouse Pet who was a Hungarian.  There is a reason that there are a lot of Hungarian glamour models: they are lovely!

Of course, I am slightly biased as Triple P's family, on his mother's side, comes from Budapest.  Still, Mihalovits certainly captures some sensuous looking Hungarian women in his paintings over the years.  His nudes are not just cold records of his subjects' bodies.  They are seductively presenting themselves for the artist.

He was born in Budapest in 1888 and studied at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts as well as making trips to Italy and Germany to continue his studies.  He focussed on nudes right from the beginning of his career, sensibly.

During the period when he painted most of his nudes, the twenties and thirties, the necessity to paint bathers, classical scenes or other excuses to show naked bodies had gone.  Most of his many nudes depicted the model in the studio.  Mihalovits didn't shy away from pubic hair, either, even if some of the more decorative painters ofwomen at the time (particularly in England) still did.  His girls are fully fleeced and all the more real for it. 

He did a series of paintings of women by the water in the nineteen forties.  In many of these the women are dressed but present themselves no less seductively.

Towards the end of his life (he later concentrated on religious themes), in the fifties, some of his paintings looked more like American pin-up illustrations than fine art, although very fine they undoubtedly are.

Miklos Mihalovits

A founder of the Hungarian National Salon he won many awards in the twenties and thirties.  He died in Budapest in 1960. There will be some more of his work over on The Seduction of Venus, shortly.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Senegalese Venus: Khoudia Diop for 15 million views

So, Venus Observations has just passed 15 million views and to celebrate we have found a lady from the country with the closest population, which is Senegal.

Khoudia Diop claims that she was so black skinned that she was bullied at school (presumably in France, as Senegal is a former French colony,  rather than Senegal itself).  She is certainly striking!