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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 30: Zoe, February 1973

Readers of my Chronicles of Triple P will know that I have a penchant for petite, curvy redheads, so, given that  I am still very much in the redhead phase of my Chronicles, I though that I would feature one here, as non-centrefold of the month for February.

So it is back to Mayfair, Volume 8 number 2 which appeared for February 1073.  My father didn't often get Mayfair at this time and I certainly don't remember this one, which featured a lady on the cover who would have been very much to the taste of the majority of my class at school in this period. 

I had yet to develop my particular fascination with redheads, which would, of course, be really set off by my association with C at college.  The lady in Mayfair, Zoe (oddly they put the umlaut over the 'o' not the 'e'), is the same height, at 5' 2", as C but, in many ways, she reminds me more of a subsequent 5' 2" redhead girlfriend, J, about whom I won't be able to write much in the Chronicles as I still occasionally see her and her husband occasionally looks at my blogs!

Anyway, Zoe, is, like J, rather curvier than the slim C but it is in her colouring that Zoe more resembles J .  There are different sorts of redheads, of course.  C was an orange redhead but J, like Zoe, is more ginger. 

Zoe's fluff is exactly as J's was: a sort of ginger marmalade colour.  Completely delicious!  The photography was by Ed Alexander. Alexander was British but moved to the US in the fifties and shot for US men's magazines like Modern Man, Rogue and Cavalier in the late fifties and early sixties.

Returning to London in the sixties, Alexander published  a couple of books on glamour photography and worked for Mayfair from the mid-sixties until the mid-seventies.  He married one of his models and died in 2014 at the age of 85.

Here is a powerfully evocative shot for Triple P, as Zoe sprawls on a bed dressed in just one black stocking.  Splendid!

What fun it was to have a naked redhead pottering about your room, enjoying the first flushes of her womanhood and enjoying the freedom of being able to display her body to her particular friend in a newly uninhibited way.

According to Mayfair, Zoe (they never gave her a last name, even a made up one) was twenty-one and measured a believable 35-24-35.   She is a typical early seventies Mayfair English rose (supposedly from Hillingdon, near London Airport) in that girl next door way, that the magazine did so well during this period.

Here Zoe demonstrates one of the characteristics of short girls, in that their stockings come very high up their thighs!  What a lovely little package she is!


  1. Very very cute indeed! My favourite Venus that you've posted in a while....lovely.

  2. She does have lovely tits. I expect you know the creamcheese mayfair website. The Connections info has some links to appearances ny her in other mags including quite a nice "bare on a bicycle" feature in Fiesta.

    1. Thanks for this. I don't look at Cream Cheese as the picture quality is so bad but I certainly have that Club International issue so may have to look it out!

    2. Yes, it's a shame about the picture quality on that site, as I'd not heard of it before and some of the sets are (or would be) magnificent. But I've been spoiled by the HQ reproductions on Venus Observations!