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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tolstoy Venus 2: Lily James

Triple P continues to enjoy the BBC's fabulous looking adaption of War and Peace and there has been a little more sensuality since the first rather chaste episode.  Not so much for Natasha Rostova, as played by the lovely Lily James, however.  She has made up for this by posing for Glamour magazine's March issue (which is on sale next week) in this effectively slinky shot by David Vasiljevic.

We apologise for the lack of posts of late but Triple P's computer hard drive died.  Fortunately, we have all our pictures and writings backed up but we now have the slow job of reinstalling lost programmes (such as for our scanner) and iTunes playlists.  Oddly, reinstalling the scanner software has resulted in scans taking seconds rather than minutes which is good news for magazine pictorials.

Back to normal shortly.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tolstoy Venus 1: Princess Elena "Hélène" Vasilyevna Kuragina

Hélène (Tuppence Middleton) in bed with her brother and bonked on the table

Agent Triple P is enjoying the new BBC War & Peace and has just watched the second (of six) episodes.  It is certainly spectacular, with astonishing interiors and exteriors filmed in St Petersburg and (mainly) Lithuania.  In compressing the story down to six hours they are rattling it along compared with the BBC's previous effort in 1972, which ran to around 17 hours.  Triple P watched the 1972 version which had a wonderful cast, including a career launching role for Anthony Hopkins.  The 1972 version was very studio bound, however, except for the battle scenes which were shot in Yugoslavia.  Interestingly, the 1972 version had three times as many extras as the new version; 1,500 as against 500.  

Middleton 2016

This is not our concern today.  Instead, we focus on the actresses who have played the character of Hélène Vasilyevna Kuragina; very much the bad girl of the piece.  There have been a number of versions of War & Peace over the years so we will look at the last five.  The new BBC version has 28 year old Tuppence (!) Middleton as Hélène  (she also features in Dickensian, also playing at present) and War and Peace series creator Andrew Davies says the character is the "naughtiest character on TV".  Middleton is an attractive woman but compared with her screen forbears she is lacking in a couple of areas, as we will see.  In the "sexed-up" new BBC version she had been shown in bed with her character's brother and has had a not very naughty sex scene where viewers were more concerned about the fate of the china on the table, it seems.  Despite the Daily Mail insisting the incest story line has been made up for the adaption it is, in fact, strongly hinted at in Tolstoy's novel.

Skobtseva (1966)

The most epic version of the story is Soviet director Sergei Bondarchuk's massive four part adaption first screened from 1966 to 1967.  In his version Hélène is played by Bondarchuk's wife, Irina Skobtseva, who was 39 at the time, the oldest actress to play the part.

Ekberg (1956)

King Vidor's 1956 version had the sumptuous 25 year old Swedish actress Anita Ekberg appearing as Hélène.  She certainly knew how to present an Empire line dress.

Gaunt (1972)

Perhaps even more upfront in her presentation was 25 year old Fiona Gaunt in the 1972 BBC production.  She certainly kept a twelve year old Agent Triple P watching between the battle scenes.  Gaunt appeared (as a brunette) in tedious BBC science fiction series Moonbase 3 the following year but other than a few guest roles disappeared after that.

Placido (2007)

In 2007 there was a French TV mini-series version of the story and here Hélène was played by 31 year old Italian actress and singer Violante Placido, who also filled an early nineteenth century dress very well indeed.

So, although Middleton's performance is very good we find her far too skinny following a long line of curvy actresses playing the part and we still prefer the pneumatic Fiona Gaunt from the 1972 version.  Admittedly, she couldn't really act but she looked quite superb!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Disappearing followers

On Monday it looks like Google will start making it impossible for people to follow blogs on Blogger without a Google account.

"As part of this plan, starting the week of January 11, we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, we’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count. We encourage you to tell affected readers (perhaps via a blog post), that if they use a non-Google Account to follow your blog, they need to sign up for a Google Account, and re-follow your blog. With a Google Account, they’ll get blogs added to their Reading List, making it easier for them to see the latest posts and activity of the blogs they follow. We know how important followers are to all bloggers, but we believe this change will improve the experience for both you and your readers.

The last line is hilarious as it offers exactly the reverse of what they claim.  We fail to see how restricting followers to a data mining interface and offering bloggers less followers is an improved experience.

Now although Triple P has a Google account (We think!) we do not put anything on our Google page because we don't really know what it is for, except for extracting commercially valuable data.  We only joined it because there were one or two blogs we wanted to follow but couldn't without having an account.  Many people, I suspect, don't want a Google account and so these people will start dropping off our followers list.  So if you find yourself no longer being a follower next week it isn't Triple P's fault!

I have added a "follow by email" option which should work as an alternative.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars Part 13 1981 Part 1

The Pubic Wars moves into 1981 in this post with Playboy continuing its retreat from showing girl's labia (which would not change for a couple of years, Oui showing signs of an increasingly low budget and Penthouse working with a new photographer with a very different style.   Playboy's January issue's cover trumpeted an interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono but just eight days after this issue hit the newsstands Lennon was murdered in New York which gave the issue a big sales boost.  Triple P was at home on his Christmas break from his second year at university and can clearly remember his mother coming up stairs in the morning to tell him about it.  Lennon's murder had an effect on Hugh Hefner, as he appeared high on a list of other possible celebrity targets drawn up by a psychologist.  Despite Playboy's parlous financial state at the time, the organisation approved the purchase of a $300,000 armoured limousine for Hefner. 

Cover girl Barbara Bach also had a connection to The Beatles, of course, as she had met Ringo Star in February 1980 when they were filming Caveman (1980).  A model since the age of 16 she had actually appeared in a dozen (Italian) films before her appearance as principal Bond girl in The Spy Who Loved Me made her famous.  She and Starr would get married that April and more than thirty five years later they are still together, unusually for celebrities.  Tom Staebler got her looking enticingly elegant in this shot.

Playmate Karen Price managed to not show anything in her spread-legged shot in her pictorial but that was probably because photographer Ken Marcus had a couple of other things to distract him. 

Karen's centrefold full plate shot

Price revealed that it was her father who encouraged her to pose for Playboy and while she was grateful for the $10.000 fee and the $300 a day appearance money Playboy paid her, she later regretted posing and hated the attitude of the people she met towards her, who assumed that as she had posed nude she had low morals. She admitted that her father sometimes pushed her into things that she didn't want to do, like appearing in certain films.  Her pictorial took over four and a half months to shoot and her centrefold shot originated from an eight and a half hour session that left her with such bad cramp she needed massage to get the blood back into her legs.

Karen admitted to being an inexperienced model and finding it odd to be the only naked person amongst a group of ten others when being photographed.  She posed for a couple of rather more sensuous shots during the shoot, where she is shown caressing her groin, but you get the impression that this wasn't really her.  Still, the images are splendid.

She took up gymnastics (rather late) at the age of twelve but won a number of local competitions and worked as a gym teacher.  She certainly looked awe inspiring in a leotard

A few film roles followed her Playboy appearance and she appeared in the opening of an episode of Magnum P.I., I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway  in 1986 as a skydiving circus trapeze artist who soon becomes a murder victim.  In fact she used her acrobatic and gymnastic skills as a stuntwoman in over two dozen films from 1984 until 1994.  

One amusing screen appearance was when her centrefold shot was painted on the tail of an autogyro in the film Mad Max (1979), which star Mel Gibson walks past at one point.

Karen in a recent performance

Later, she worked as a TV producer and set up an acrobatic company with her husband, also an acrobat.  She was still performing into her fifties.

Karen aged 50

Today, thankfully eschewing the cosmetic surgery that has ruined the faces of many of her peers, she still looks absolutely gorgeous.

Playboy had one of its themed pictorials, loosely based on the theme of cowgirls, called Honky Tong Angels.  How western they really all were is debatable but Playboy dressed them up in denims and plaid shirts and then got them to undress in them.  Traditionally, some of the girls in these sorts of pictorials showed a bit more than the Playmates but in this issue only public relations consultant Susan Harrison from Miami flashed a bit.

The annual Playmate review often had one or two girls presenting more than they had done in their Playmate pictorials too but all the 1980 crop kept themselves well obscured.  Still, it is always nice to look at the delicious Sandy Cagle once more.

For the previous ten months or so, Oui had been using portraits of models or young, unknown actresses on its cover, rather than featuring the women inside the magazine.  Most of these women disappeared without trace or made a couple of forgettable B-movies.  January's cover model was a seventeen year old (eighteen by the time the magazine was published) Elite model.   When living in Europe at this time she had a seventeen year old Nastassja Kinski as a next door neighbour, who inspired her to contemplate an acting career.  Her name was Demi Moore

Moore, after she became famous, had to deal with accusations that she had posed naked for Oui in 1981.  She denied it and said that she was just on the cover although she did admit lying about her age.  This is quite true; she did not appear naked in Oui in America.  

Of course what she did not admit to was that while she didn't appear nude in American Oui, naked pictorials of her had appeared in three European magazines in 1981.  In a pictorial by Jeff Dunas in German Oui she even used her real first name, making it rather hard to deny.

In March 1981 she appeared on the cover of, and as the Pet of the Month in, Spanish Penthouse, albeit under the name of Vivianne Pollentier.  Her revealing centrefold shot is probably why she tries to deny the existence of the pictorial these days.

In December 1981 she appeared in Playboy Italia.  All three of these pictorials used pictures from the same shoot by Jeff Dunas.  After she became famous, beginning with her stint in General Hospital in 1982, they were recycled more and more, of course.

Ironically, given Moore did not appear inside Oui's  US edition in January 1981 but did appear in the German version, both the models who did appear in Oui that month were German.   Oui said that Renate Lünsman was Swiss but that could have been because there was another German model in the issue.  We are told that the surname means that she is more likely to have originated in lower Saxony.

Renate was another example of Oui recycling, as her pictures, by Wolfgang Kline,  had appeared in German Playboy, where she had been Playmate of the Month in November 1979.  You can see more of her pictures from the shoot in our post here.

She was born in November 1960 so was just eighteen when she appeared in Playboy.   In 1986 she made a disco record called Feel It, with one Werner Wöstmann, as part of a duo called Double Date.  You can listen to it here.  It is very much of its time! 

Oui's centrefold girl was German model Martina Schall, photographed by Otto Weisser.

Like Renate Lünsman, Schall has also been Playmate of the Month in Playboy Germany but in her case in the May 1980 issue.  Oui was in severe financial difficulties at this point so this use of previously published material was really a necessity.

Penthouse had the gorgeous face of Pet of the Month Suzée on the cover, shot by Hawaii based, female photographer Pat Hill..  Unusually, they would include the very same shot in her pictorial without all the text.

Another lady photographer, Suze Randall, was responsible for this assertive shot of Kari Burton in the issue's first pictorial.  After years at Hustler this was Randall's first Penthouse pictorial and she certainly delivers a brightly lit, pussy-centric, Hustler style effort. 

The Pet of the Month was only referred to by her first name, Suzée in her pictorial.  Pat Hill's style couldn't have been more different from Randall's; taking her usual softly lyrical approach to the Pet pictorial, shot on the beach in Hawaii.  The part-Chinese Suzée was a rare ethnic Pet.

In Sharky's Machine

Suzée Pai (in a subsequent pictorial they gave her last name, although for some reason she was called Kai in the British edition) was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1962 so was just eighteen when she appeared in Penthouse.  Unlike other Penthouse Pets she didn't immediately disappear into obscurity again and had a number of acting roles during the eighties.  Her first role was that year in the Burt Reynolds police drama, Sharky's Machine (1981). 

While she got a screen credit for Sharky's machine, unfortunately her next role ended up on the cutting room floor.  She played a Vietnamese prostitute in First Blood (1982) and, in a flashback, had a love scene with Sylvester Stallone's Rambo character.  Playboy had a still of the scene in their Sex in Cinema feature in their November 1982 issue.  The scene was cut to improve the pacing of the film.

L to R: Kim Cattrall, Kurt Russell and Suzée in Big Trouble in Little China

After an appearance in The Cosby Show in 1984, she was rather more prominent in her next film, John Carpenter' s Big Trouble in Little China (1986) and was heavily involved in the action.   

It would be two years before her next film and, in contrast to her previous ones, this would be a low budget Indonesian production which would see her alongside another future Sex in the City star, Mr Big himself, Chris Noth.  She was the female lead in Jakarta (1988) but it disappeared without a trace.  Except for a role in short lived restaurant-set drama Taittinger's, a failed attempt to replicate the success of St Elswhere by the same team, and a martial arts TV movie in 1993, she stopped acting.  It has been said she got fed up with casting couch situations for film parts that she never got.

The final pictorial, by Earl Miller, was one of Penthouse's odder ones.  It featured a woman called Wendy Welles who was just 4' 7" tall.  Slightly disturbingly, having admitted that she could be taken for a 12 or 13 year old, they put her in a fantasy nursery pictorial where she ends up being chased by creatures and saved by her teddy bear.  In fact she was 19 years old and it is reputed that in the Canadian version of the magazine they had a shot of her holding up her ID to prove it, as the Canadian customs had been nervous about some of Penthouse's previous pictorials and had censored them or even turned the whole issue away from the border completely.

Nearly all magazines appear at some time in the month before the date of issue, of course.  This time can vary from a few days to a whole month but explains the Christmas themed Society's Child centrefold feature of Linda Noel (not her real name, we suspect).

Hustler also decided to have its Christmas themed cover in January with another very naked girl.

Their X-rated reviews section opened with a piece on Taboo, a controversial porn film about mother/son incest, and this shot of Mike Ranger and Dorothy LeMay.  Oral specialist Le May was from Ohio but moved to Los Angeles with her husband.  She got into porn when she answered an advertisement in the University of Berkeley newspaper, where she was working in 1976, offering $300 a day for film work.  She auditioned, with her husband on the producer's couch and got her first loop.  

Le May (left) with Dudley Moore in 10

Although she made about forty adult features it was her brief ten second appearance in the orgy scene in Blake Edwards' 10 (1980) which got her into trouble with her family as her born again Christian brother and his wife recognised her in it and told her mother about it.  

First girl that month was Tommi who was nicely damp in a changing room, as photographed by Suze Randall.

The Hustler's Honey was the darkly lovely Jennifer, shot by Matti Klatt.

A set of (old) pictures by Augustin Gregory of actress Robyn Douglass, which included some girl/girl ones, created problems which resulted in a lawsuit.  Most recently she had been acting in Galactica 80, the Battlestar Galactica sequel.  Although she had posed naked in Playboy, including one of their first bare breasted covers in December 1974, Douglas took Hustler to court for publishing nude shots of her without her permission, claiming $2 million in damages.  She said that "she would never pose willingly for this magazine" and claimed her income from commercials had dropped from over $40,000 in 1980 to just $400 in 1981 as a result, particularly as the pictures intimated she was a lesbian.  She won her case but it was overturned on appeal.

The final pictorial that month featured a girl they called Sally, no doubt because she was long and tall.  Here her impressive legs are caught by Suze Randall.

The  cover girl for Cavalier's January issue was called Sue London in the magazine but it was one of the earliest shoots for Anna Ventura, who would become a very busy model and porn star over the next few years.  She had just started modelling in the summer of 1980 and with her curvaceous figure and beautiful face she would become very popular and appear in many magazines in 1981 and 1982, under a number of different names. We will see more of her in March.

Things had changed at Cavalier from when it was a Playboy clone back in the sixties. It had gradually become more and more explicit during the seventies and now was much more comparable to Hustler than Hefner's magazine.

This boy/girl set featuring 'Conchita', the barmaid in an old Western saloon, certainly featured an excited looking cowboy.  There is no sense of "is he or isn't he" here.

While Playboy had its Playmates, Penthouse its Pets and Hustler its Honeys Cheri had its rather less respectfully named tarts.  Here centrefold Solitaire presents herself for inspection.

Playboy's February cover featured their original girls next door, Playmates Candy Loving (January 1979), Sondra Theodore (July 1977) and Teri Welles (December 1980).  Although given Theodore was Hefner's girlfriend at the time it is debatable how much time she spent living with the other two. as the Playmate Roommates piece suggested.

The magazine opened with a pictorial by British photographer David Bailey of his wife Marie Helvin.  Helvin is often described as coming from Hawaii (where she was brought up) but she was born in Japan to an American father and a Japanese mother.  The pictures come from Bailey's book Trouble and Strife (cockney rhyming slang for wife) published in Britain the previous year.

Helvin in 2015

Helvin became a model in Japan when she was fifteen but met Bailey on a Vogue assignment after she had moved to London.  They worked on another four photographic books but got divorced in 1985.  In the summer of 2015 she posed for what she said would be her last lingerie shoot; still in fantastic shape at the age of 62.

February's Playmate was the statuesque Vicki Lynn Lasseter who had this slightly revealing shot in her pictorial by Arny Freytag.  Born in Iowa she was brought up in Texas and although she did some travelling for Playboy for around five years, she did not pursue modelling or films and later described herself as a "stay at home mom" still living in Texas.

Unlike many of the Playmates of this period Lasseter did pose for at least one rather more, unpublished, revealing shot which highlights her prominent perineum.  A gorgeous, leggy (5' 8") creature, it is a shame she din't do more modelling.

The Playmate Roommates feature was rather disappointing, given the possibilities for displaying three Playmates together in their apartment.  It mainly featured very small shots of them wandering around outside or in the apartment fully dressed, together with more undressed shots of the girls individually.  Still, this shot of Candy Loving (in faux picture frame to match the cover) redeemed it.

Playboy's annual The Year in Sex pictorial often had some of the most extreme shots to appear in the magazine and that year's edition featured a page on the new craze for male strippers, which must have broken a record for the number of penises on display on one page in the magazine.  Triple P remembers his girlfriend at the time being particularly taken with the shot at centre bottom.

Margaret Lenzey was Oui's February covergirl, photographed by Phillip Dixon .  Sadly, she didn't appear inside the magazine, as she was just gorgeous.  She appeared in a few films, getting the female lead in the Italian low-budget fantasy Quest for the Mighty Sword (1990) a reworking of Wagner's Siegfried with Lenzey in the Brünhilde role.

Lenzey with Kramer in  Quest for the Mighty Sword (The Hobgoblin) (1990)

The film was the first for Erik Allan Kramer, who subsequently made a good career on TV.  The film was directed by Italian B-movie sex and horror meister Joe D'Amato, who directed many of the rip off Emanuelle (note the different spelling) films with Laura Gemser in the seventies.

Lenzey also did a lot of work in TV commercials but after taking a masters degree in clinical psychology is now a relationship and career coach in Los Angeles.

Kathe Barnett was Oui's first girl that month, photographed by Paul Henman.  You can't beat the classic shower shot.

Jeff Dunas shot Penny Wells in Cannes, in his, typical for the time, less and less revealing style.  This example demonstrates one of Triple P's pet glamour photography hates: A woman wearing shoes in bed.  Who does that?  Is it to make the women fell dressed?   For Triple P it destroys any sensual appeal of a photograph of a naked woman in bed.   Nearly every glamour photographer does it.  Why?

Oui could only afford two specially commissioned pictorials (and even then they were recyling more and more from foreign editions of Playboy or Lui) at this point so the third was always a portfolio of different girls included in loose theme.  This month's was called Oui's Little Fanny Fact Book and featured lots of (very fine) pictures of girls from the rear.  Fanny, of course, in Britain means that part of a woman's anatomy on the other side of her body from her bottom.  Triple P had a girlfriend in the eighties who used to wear these curious tights/stockings hybrids.  We always thought that they were better than tights but not as appealing as stockings. 

Penthouse had Pet of the Month Brenda Holliday on the cover photographed by John Copeland.  Given how fluffy she is in her centrefold pictorial it makes you wonder what happened to it in the cover picture.  

Suze Randall presented another series of brightly lit pussy pictures of Shawn Carney, a very fetching young lady indeed with an enticing scattering of freckles.  This shot didn't make it to the UK issue of Penthouse as it may have been considered just that bit too racy.

The shoot for this pictorial actually took place three and a half years earlier, in August 1977.  In some shots her hair is in its natural state (well as natural as you get after however long with a hairdresser) and in some she has the effective slicked back look seen in most of the Penthouse shots.

In fact her modelling career may have already been over by the time this set was published.  The first pictorial Triple P can locate of her was the one she did as Honey for Barry Vincent in the March 1978 issue of Club in the US, where she was also the cover girl.

Also that month she appeared in the first of a two part pictorial in Oui as Beverly in an unusually bold anal shot for that magazine, photographed by Jeff Dunas.

The following month she was back for part two, this time interacting with some policemen.  

The level of interaction was nothing compared with the Love Set she did for Earl Miller which was published in Penthouse in September 1979.  Entitled Swinging in the Grain (it was supposedly about a farmer's daughter) Shawn goes through a number of positions with her partner, culminating in a very suggestive oral shot.

Penthouse had done a number of these hand hides the erection shots.  However, Shawn apparently asked Miller if they could go all the way and decades later outtakes appeared that showed they did just that.  Sadly, although Suze Randall said that Shawn was one of her favourite models we can't find any other pictorials of her, which is a shame.

At least we had some more pictorials of Shawn Carney.  Pet of the Month Brenda Holliday was one of those Pets who came, posed and disappeared without a trace.  Brenda is one of Triple P's favourite Pets of the early eighties with her truly beautiful face, curvy figure, perky nipples, sumptuous bottom and, above all, her lovely smile.  This was a fine pictorial by John Copeland and we may have to post it complete one day, although there are a lot of fiddly cross-page shots.

She reminds Triple P of a girlfriend he had when he was in his very early twenties who was an older woman and a rather sophisticated air hostess. When Triple P was in his early twenties he had several girlfriends in their mid thirties.  Brenda's centrefold is genuinely erotic and perfectly sums up the Guccione voyeuristic observation of self caressing women approach.

Swinging in the Grain, which we mentioned above, had been the last boy/girl until this month's love set, Andy & Marlene (they dispensed with the usual titles in favour of just using the couple's names) appeared more than eighteen months later.  It isn't known why Penthouse stopped these for so long, given Hustler and others were continuing with regular couples sets.  

David Schoen's pictorial features some nice kissing and caressing and this assertive rear end display from Marlene.  it has been suggested that the male model is porn star Randy West early in his career.

Cavalier were right to joke about a cover girl 'spread' on the front of the magazine.  Tonia shows all, in none too subtle style, throughout her pictorial.

Cavalier was also now including pussy portraits of some of its models so here is a damp and very furry looking Laura and her essential parts, in rather more detail than the likes of Penthouse were providing.

There were more anus flashing back views from Cheri's Valentines centrefold as well, although she was demonstrating the new hairless lower pussy style that was starting to catch on.

Chic had a Valentine's Day cover too for February.  Inside they had a pinkly displayed Maria from Wisconsin who was, in fact, Yanez Lancaster.  No partial pussy hair removal for Yanez!

Hustler's bare bottomed Valentines cover girl was surprisingly naked for the period.

After a number of months without them, Hustler brought back visible erections in the photos accompanying its X-rated film reviews.  Lysa Thatcher (more about her below) looks up to John Leslie in Exposed (top) and Becky Savage puckers up in Hustler's own Suze Randall's film Kiss and Tell.

Savage had an unusual figure for a porn star and looked more like a fashion model with her small breasts and long, long legs..  She made her porn debut in 1979 and her second film was Plato's The Movie (1980) a highly fictionalised account of the West Coast branch of the New York swingers sex club which had fascinated many of the men's magazines in the late seventies.  Even Playboy did a piece on it although they replaced the apparently quite ugly (according to the documentary American Swing (2008) anyway) members with more attractive models, of course.  

Kiss and Tell (1980)

In Kiss and Tell, as reviewed by Hustler in this issue, she plays the girlfriend of Randy West (possessor of one of the smallest penises in porn), the man (probably) in the Penthouse Love Set Andy & Marlene mentioned above.

In Germany's Teenager magazine number 39

Savage appeared in a number of magazine pictorials both as a solo model and doing hardcore pictorials, especially for German magazines.  She went on to make over 50 films in the first half of the eighties. 

There hadn't been a couples pictorial in January's Hustler but February's issue opened with a girl girl one by Suze Randall called Coming Together and featuring Tippi and Dawn, one of whom is closely inspecting the other here.

Dixie, was that month's Honey, as shot by Matti Klatt and was in possession of softly voluptuous upper works.

Another set of an actress by Augustin Gregory featured that month, in the shape of Jaime Lyn Bauer of TV soap The Young and the Restless.  Interestingly, like Robyn Douglass the previous month, Bauer had also been on the cover of Playboy over a decade before, appearing on the February 1970 issue.

Bauer in 1970

The pictures of Bauer Hustler published had been done as a test shoot for Oui, back in the seventies as well. Bauer wasn't paid for them and didn't sign a model release form.  Although Oui wanted her to do a full pictorial she turned them down as she had just got her first big role on The Young and the Restless in 1975 and didn't need the money any more.  Bauer, as a devout Christian, was very embarrassed by the appearance of these shots six years later but neither asked for money nor sued Hustler.

Hustler's boy/girl set that month featured a girl dreaming of a stranger who appears in her apartment and who "forces her into total submission".   In what must have been a first for a mainstream magazine it is implied that he dunks her head in the toilet in one of Hustler's more out there pictorials.

The final girl, Candy, was supposed to be Hustler's nod to Valentine's Day, rather half-heartedly denoted by having a couple of hearts stuck on her shoes and putting her in front of a heart shaped window on set.

Hugh Hefner has always been fond of twins and since Mary and Madeleine Collinson first appeared in Playboy in October 1970 a fair few twins and triplets have featured in the magazine.  The cover of March's issue trumpeted a twins pictorial that would be the first in depth twins feature since the Collinsons.

In Quark

On the cover were the most famous of the four pairs of twins (eight pairs?) at the time, Cybil and Tricia Barnstable who were born in May 1951.  Tricia entered and won the Miss Kentucky beauty pageant in 1971 and came fifth in Miss America.  In 1973 the twins accompanied Bob Hope on his last USA tour of Vietnam as singers and dancers.  They were famous in America because they featured in the Doublement chewing gum TV commercials in 1972.  By the time they appeared in Playboy they had already finished their acting careers as twins (Cybil had bit parts in two films which her sister did not appear in, in 1982 and 1983), their main appearance being in the short lived SF series Quark (1977-1978)

The twins host their charity ball in may 2015 at the age of 63  Still in very good shape!

Both twins still live in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky where every year they host a big charity ball (for their own diabetes charity) prior to the Kentucky Derby.  As the most famous twins in the pictorial their pictures were the most modest and they did not appear nude.

The first pictorial that issue featured an older woman, by the standards of the time.  When Oui was fielding seventeen (when they were photographed) eighteen and nineteen year olds, Playboy presented the six foot tall, 33 year old Jo Penney.  Penney, a former model who hadn't been photographed professionally since 1975 had formed a dance troupe while modelling and that morphed into the modelling agency she ran in Toronto at the time of the article.  Playboy had made one of her models a Playmate (Sylvie Garant, November 1979) which is how they met Ms Penney.  She really is a magnificent example of the slightly more mature woman.

Playmate of the Month was Kymberly Herrin photographed by Arny Freytag.  Born in Santa Barbara, Playboy portrayed her as a typical beach dwelling surfer girl.

Kym being set up on set and in the final film in Ghostbusters

She translated her Playboy appearance into a number of small TV and film parts. Her scene as a fantasy ghost in Ghostbusters (1984), where she was supposed to perform oral sex on Dan Akroyd's character, mostly ended up on the cutting room floor apart from a brief glimpse in a montage sequence.   This must have been doubly annoying considering the time she had to spend having a full body prosthetic made for the flying harness.  

Completely coincidentally, she already new Dan Ackroyd as this picture taken with John Belushi, who died in 1982, shows.

A more visible part was at the beginning of the Michael Douglas film Romancing the Stone (1984) where Kym played the heroine of the novel being written by Kathleen Turner's character. 

Lee Horsley as Matt Houston with Playmates (clockwise from lfar eft) Barbara Edwards (September 1983), Heidi Sorenson (July 1981), Dona Speir (March 1984), Marianne Gravatte (October 1982), Kymberly Herrin (March 1981), Tricia Lange (June 1984), and Veronica Gamba (November 1983)

Also in 1984, she, along with an splendid group of mid-eighties Playmates, appeared in the Matt Houston episode The Bikini Murders.  Triple P remembers watching this pretty terrible detective show only for the excellent high bikini-clad girl quotient.  Kymberly is on the far right of these publicity stills.

Kym is probably best known for her appearance in the third video for the single, Legs, accompanying the release of the ZZ Top album Eliminator in 1982.  She repeated the part in a parody which appeared in a dream sequence in hospital drama St Elsewhere.  

Kym, far left, with ZZ Top and the other girls from the video including Jeana Tomasino in white

She was surprised to get the part as when she turned up for the audition wearing jeans and a tee shirt (she had been out all night) she found a group of immaculately turned out models and actresses also up for the audition.  But she got the part and the $2000 fee.  She already knew Jeana Tomasino, one of the other three girls, through Playboy as she was Playmate of the Month for November 1980.

Kym in 2013

Amazingly she won the ZZ Top, Romancing the Stone and Ghostbusters parts within two days of each other.  Her Playboy and ZZ Top roles got her a lot of work in modelling, pop videos and commercials.

Kym flashes in the newsstand special Playboy's Holiday Girls

Advertising underwater cameras

Sadly, no less than three of her boyfriends, including her fiance, died through disease or accident and she later lost her home and nearly all of her possessions in a house fire.  She worked in various retail businesses she set up, wrote a book on exercising for sex and latterly ran a jewellery business. 

Apart from the Barnstables, in Playboy's twins pictorial, the other set of twins with a brief screen career were the Harris twins.  Leigh and Lynette Harris.  Three years younger than the Barnstables, their movie career was, though, even more brief. 

However, they shared the female lead in the low budget Roger Corman fantasy Sorceress (1982) which was so bad director Jack Hill asked for his credit to be removed from it.  The plot is incredibly convoluted but basically the twins, unbelievably, to keep them out of the hands of the baddies, have been brought up as boys.  In their opening scene we see them in a bathing sequence, so beloved of the makers of cheap fantasy films but boosted, of course, by their double (quadruple) presence.

They are eventually told that they aren't boys, much to their shock, as if it wasn't completely obvious as they look delightfully feminine throughout.  Honestly. it's even more unbelievable than the Superman/Clark Kent glasses thing.

I, the Jury (1982)

Their next and final film was in a much smaller role but a much bigger film, the  second screen adaption of Mickey Spillane's I, the Jury (1982) starring Armand Assante and Barbara Carrera.

In this the twins play prostitutes who end up coming to a sticky end but get the opportunity to cavort on a bed and display their assets.

The twins didn't do any more films, although they did another shoot for Playboy, which featured in the newsstand special Playboy's Sisters in 1986, where they are shown rather naughtily soaping each other up.  However, they found another source of income which was revealed when they were charged in 1989 with not paying tax on close to a million dollars they had been given by an elderly businessman in exchange for sexual favours (whether this was for twin action or separately was not revealed).  Basically, the case came down to whether the furs, cars, jewellery and houses they received were given as gifts or were payment for services.  The court decided against the twins but the decision was reversed on appeal despite one witness (their accountant) stating that he had heard one of the twins plotting a fake kidnap of herself to extort more money from the hapless but lovelorn eighty five year old.  Honestly, it would make an excellent plot for a Mike Hammer film.

March's Oui covergirl Anne Ventura was barely contained by her  Yves St Laurent dress.  Unusually, she got a name check on the cover and, even more unusually for the period, she actually appeared inside in a pictorial.

Oui had yet another German model in their March issue, in the lithe shape of Christiane Rittner photographed by Wolfgang Klein.  Christiane gave Oui its first labia shot for months.

She was the third out of  eight girls appearing in the first three months of the year who had been a German Playboy Playmate, having appeared as such in September 1979 under the name Christine.  She was also Playboy Argentina's Playmate of the month in July 1986.

Oui's centrefold girl was Kim Griffin photographed by Jeff Dunas in Manhattan.  We really like her blue stockings!  Perfect afternoon wear.

Having had only two individual model pictorials for months March's issue had no less than four.  The third was the first in a special series of foreign women, which was odd to differentiate them as most of Oui's girls seemed to be foreign anyway.  Helene, from France, had a very graphic pussy shot for Oui at this time.

The final pictorial took a route that Playboy had in the past by having one girl photographed by a number of different photographers.  In this case cover girl Anne (Anna) Ventura, in her first year of modelling, got the treatment.  Here she is shot by British photographer Brian Anderson.  More on Anna another time.

Penthouse had its Pet of the Month, Delfina Ponti, on the cover for March.  It was the fourth month running that the cover featured the centrefold girl.

The opening pictorial was one of those arty ones that Penthouse had, once in a while.  This one was entitled The Girls in the Band and featured a number of women pretending to play musical instruments made out of fluorescent tubes.  The photographer was Uwe Ommer and he obviously liked the shoot enough that he uses a picture from it as one of the two pictures on his website homepage.

Another different photographer from the usual group shot that month's Pet of the Month.  Delfina Ponti was, according to Penthouse anyway,  born in Krakow to a Polish mother and an Italian father.  It is a rather odd shoot, with many images of her with a strange face drawn on her stomach with lipstick.  Agent Triple P hates skin being defaced, even temporarily, which is why he not only hates tattoos but body painting (so beloved, inexplicably, of Sports Illustrated) too. Fortunately the pictorial is saved by Delfina's splendid rear aspect shot (above).

Her shoot was the only one done for Penthouse by Cedomir Komljenovic.  Rather better known as photographer and visual consultant (he works for Mercedes Benz amongst others) Monty Shadow, the Croatian born photographer has a number of influential friends and a famously broad network of contacts he brings into his projects.  

Cedomir Komljenovic with Naomi Campbell

Shadow had a reputation for introducing attractive models into the Formula 1 world.  In 1982 he took Croatian model Slavica Radic to the 1982 Italian Grand Prix at Monza.  There Slavica met Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, who dumped his girlfriend of seventeen years and eventually married her. They divorced after 23 years which led, it is said, to the largest divorce settlement (the details remain secret) in history. Their daughter, Tamara Ecclestone, posed for Playboy in May 2013.

The final pictorial was by Allan J Wash and featured Ali Laker in full on  cowboy mode.  This one, unlike the other pictorials that month didn't hold back on the pussy portrayal with this shot, of Miss Laker with her finger on the button, being the most assertive.

Anna Ventura also featured that month in rather more explicit form than in Oui in March's High Society, where she was their Valentine's Day Society's Child centrefold.  Her pussy-probing shot is pretty strong for the period.

Quite a soft, romantic shot was used for Hustler's March cover, after several months of blatant nudity.

Hustler's X-rated review photos were a lot less explicit than the previous month. Unusual at the time, was this shot of Lysa Thatcher (a film of whose they had reviewed and illustrated the previous month) shaving her pussy in Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (1981).  This was considered an unusual fetish at the time. 

Lysa Thatcher in Beyond your Wildest dreams

In the film itself, having soaped, shaved and rinsed herself down below she soon gets licked, penetrated and ends up orally servicing her partner to somewhat messy effect.

Lysa was a diminutive figure and tended to specialise in playing parts where she had to look younger than she was (she was twenty-one at this point and would continue acting in porn films for another five or six years) so played a lot of schoolgirls or college students.

She was the long term girlfriend of Jim Mitchell (she had been a dancer at his O'Farrell club), one of San Francisco's notorious Mitchell Brothers who built a porn and striptease empire in that city from 1969.  In 1972 they produced porn classic Behind the Green Door with a fresh faced Marilyn Chambers.  They were the first people to release porn films on video, which they sold via advertisements in men's magazines.

Eventually, in  1991, Jim Mitchell shot his addict brother Artie and served six years in jail.  Their story was told in a book which was filmed as Rated X (2000) resulting in the unusual situation where a pornstar, Lysa, was played by a conventional actress in a film.

The first pictorial in Hustler that month featured Vanessa del Rio.  Born Ana Maria Sanchez, in Harlem, she was a comparatively senior twenty-nine years old when she appeared in the magazine.

Juicy in Hustler

Working as a computer programmer in New York she became a waitress, barmaid and then a go-go dancer before becoming a porn actress when she realised one day's work paid her share of the rent for a month. 

She appeared in her first adult films in 1975, so at the time of her Hustler pictorial was about half way through her main porn career, before retiring in 1986 because of the AIDS scare.   She was America's first ethnic porn superstar and admitted that she did it for the sex more than the money during her porn career.

Vanessa gets double teamed

In 1987 she was arrested for drugs offences, although subsequently cleaned herself up and made a tentative return to porn almost immediately afterwards, posing as a mature model for decades.  She now has a cult status as the first Latina porn star, to the extent that German art publisher Taschen produced a 1500 copy limited run of an illustrated book about her called Vanessa del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behaviour. 

That month's Honey was Amber, photographed by Clive McLean and enrobed in politically incorrect fur.

The science fiction boom continued, with many magazines jumping on the bandwagon caused by the slew of SF at the cinema.  Hustler even called this one Too Close Encounter as our lady cyclist gets knocked off her bicycle by a descending UFO piloted by a not very excited alien who, nonetheless, appears to have his way with her.

The final pictorial was a Suze Randall one and featured Shari and her tight little pussy in what was not really a classic issue of Hustler, with only Vanessa del Rio providing any discernible heat.

In fact, Vanessa del Rio would appear in another magazine that same month, this time Stag, which ran a feature on her, including some shots of her action.

More eighties girls next time!