Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Iman for eleven million views

Well, we were so busy in our new job that he hadn't noticed that we had just passed the eleven million views milestone.  The country with the closest population to eleven million is Somalia.

Here, then, is the most famous Somali woman, Iman, model, actress (memorably in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country) and wife of David Bowie.  The 5'10" tall Iman will be sixty later this month,  Her father was a diplomat and the Somali ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

These pictures were all shot by Helmut Newton back in the nineties and utterly magnificent she looks too.

Today she concentrates on running her successful cosmetics company which focusses on those with ethnic skin colouring as she had problems finding the right products when she was a model.

This shot is the only one here not by Newton and comes from the January 1986 edition of Playboy.  It is by American photographer Peter Beard, who discovered her when she was a student at the University of Nairobi.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Personally Selected Venuses 8: Girls in a boat by Harry Holland

Two weeks worth of supplies?

We are sorry for the lack of posts of late but Triple P has recently changed jobs and is finding life rather time consuming as a result.  Still, our friend S in Vancouver sent us this image today, which we liked so much we decided to post it here.  We haven't been able to find out anything about it or where it came from but it chimes with an idea, we have been thinking about for some time, of writing an erotic tale of Jason and the Argonauts, where Jason and his crew would all be women.  Iaso was the Greek Goddess of healing (Jason means healer) so we would probably call her that.  

Apart from the fourteen lovely ladies, the whole premise behind the picture is intriguing. The poses are all rather theatrical and somewhat reminiscent of Victorian classical painting.  Splendid, anyway!

PS Thanks to those of our readers who have identified it as the work of talented British painter Harry Holland.