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Monday, June 22, 2015

Venus in Black Stockings 13: Laura Antonelli 1941-2015

Triple P had already selected a few pictures for our next Venus in Black Stockings post, so was saddened to discover that the subject of that post, the gorgeous Italian actress Laura Antonelli, was found dead today at the age of 73.

These stupendous shots (above), which say pretty much everything there is to say about Italian women and black stockings, come from her breakthrough film Malizia (1973), where she plays a housekeeper whose presence causes havoc in the home of a widower and his three sons.  It immediately cemented her sex symbol status in Italy.

Born Laura Antonaz, in Pola, then in Italy but now in Croatia, her Italian father took the family, like 300,000 other Italians living in the region, to Italy when Marshal Tito came to power in Yugoslavia in 1947.  Considered by her family to be an ugly, clumsy teenager she did ballet and gymnastics to tone up and, despite wanting to be a maths teacher, ended up teaching gymnastics in Rome.

It was in Rome where she met people from the film industry which led to her first screen role in 1964.  She was mesmerisingly beautiful in Venus in Furs (1969), the first film Triple P saw her in. She made a number of films in the seventies and eighties, erotic comedies and more serious art films, many of which saw her revealing her splendid figure.

In 1991 the police broke into her house outside Rome and discovered 33 grammes of cocaine and she fought a ten year legal battle to overturn her three and a half year prison sentence for drug dealing.  She had a series of unsuccessful relationships, botched plastic surgery procedures ruined her looks and she withdrew from public life, living in the seaside town of Ladispoli, where her body was discovered by her cleaning lady in her house early this morning.  It is not clear how long she had been dead for.  Latterly, she had become very religious and gave much of the compensation she was awarded, when her conviction for drug dealing was overturned, to charity.  She lived in poverty for the rest of her life, resisting the attempts of others to raise money for her.  We prefer to remember her in her prime as shown in this picture for Playboy Italia from November 1980, where she is still magnificent at the age of nearly forty.

Laura Antonelli November 1941-June 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Venus in Black Stockings 12: Im Boudoir by Károly Teuchert

Im Boudoir (1922)

Back to the nineteen twenties for this painting by Hungarian painter Károly Teuchert (1886-1924),  It has been virtually impossible to find out anything about the artist apart from the fact that he studied in Budapest and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.  Is the lady dressing or undressing?  She looks wistfully at her clothes but her pose doesn't indicate any discomfort with her state.  Perhaps she is a woman who well knows the power of her body.  This painting was sold in 2010 for nearly $4,500 but Teuchert nudes have gone for as much as $11,000.

Teuchert painted a number of nudes in the nineteen twenties.  This second boudoir painting, from the same year, features a maid drying her mistress' foot while the lady admires herself in the mirror.  All manor of gentle sensuality in this one.

Nude with cat (1926)

This one was one of his last paintings, done in 1926, the year of his death.  The girl sports the newly fashionable short hair of the period.  There is no question of any accurate representation of furniture in this, just  a neutral background to display her charms.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Centrefold Venus of the Month 72: Venesuela, May 1989

We receive quite a lot of requests for particular ladies or pictorials and over the next few months we will try to fulfill some of these, as well as filling the holes in our centrefold and non-centrefold Venus coverage.  Well, here is a Venus by request whose pictorial  was asked for when we posted her centrefold shot on our Centrefold Venus of the Week blog.

Her pictorial appeared in the May 1989 issue of Penthouse, which Triple P purchased at Rome airport on one of his many business trips to Italy in the eighties.   We had to wait until we got home (or to our girlfriend's home)  before we could see who that month's centrefold was.  You couldn't buy US Penthouse in Britain so we could only get it on our overseas trips.

Now one of the things we really liked about Venesuela was that she appeared to be a real redhead.  Redheads, Triple P thinks, are marvellous creatures and the shade of their hair varies enormously from strawberry blonde down to dark auburn.

These pictures are by the Dutch photographer Philip Mond.  This was only his second Pet of the Month pictorial but he would go on to shoot a lot more for Penthouse over the next decade.  He also made several films using a number of Penthouse pets, notably the enjoyable Zazel: The scent of love (1997)  He is currently based in Florida.

Having only her first name given as Pet of the Month was very unusual at the time and only April 1985's Fasha had had the same thing happen up until this point.  We have never seen her in another pictorial, sadly, as she is a very striking woman.

The text accompanying the pictorial says that she is Dutch and that she studied ballet before becoming a model.  Given Mond's nationality this could well be true; she certainly has a slim, dancer's body.  Penthouse claimed she was 38-24-36, which seem unlikely.

This is a rather strange location and we could never work out if it was a set, a public building or a private home.

She seems to be reclining across a set of cinema seats here which seems odd.

In this shot we can see that there is just one row of them against a wall so it's obviously not a cinema.

So how much is location and how much is set dressing is difficult to fathom.  Anyway, here is Venesuela with the sort of cigar which you associate with Dutch people.

There is quite a lot of cowgirl vibe in this one, what with cowboy boots and a stetson.

Now we have had four serious redheaded girlfriends and their colour down below varied.  The first one was completely bright orange the second one was more like Venesuela with what we could call a ginger marmalade shade.

Our third redhead was also more like this but had a much thicker bush covering her pussy.  Fourth redhead was more of a darker reddish brown colour.  All lovely to stroke, however, and much better than today's horrid bald ones!

Very big shoulder pads indeed in her jacket, as you would expect from the late eighties!

The thing we really remember about this pictorial, however, is this very curious leather, black panther chair.  We are sure that it was fabulously expensive but really is a bit weird.  The shot above of Venesuela's lovely nether regions and the panther's red leather tongue was certainly at the arty end of a Penthouse pictorial for the time.

This was our favourite shot from the whole pictorial.  Lace top stockings were very popular at this time as stockings were making something of a comeback.  Our redheaded girlfriend of the time was fond of them, anyway.

Time for some outtakes now and there is just the one shot featuring the red blouse behind the plants.

Although Venesuela wears a number of different outfits for her shoot you can really best categorise her shots by her footwear.  Brightly coloured Converse All-Stars were very popular in the late eighties.  Even Triple P had a turquoise pair; which have recently been liberated by a young relation, as they are back in fashion again, it seems.

Quite often Penthouse would print its photos as mirror images and the different coloured cinema seats in this one showed that they hadn't been consistent even within the pictures in the magazine.  We have, at least, made these ones, of Venesuela on the grey seat, consistent with each other.

This is the shot we used on Centrefold of the Week but, as we can see from the picture at the top of the post this is a different picture from the one that appeared in our copy of the US edition.  It might be from a set from one of The Girls of Penthouse editions, we suppose, where they often had different photos than appeared in the original pictorial

Anyway, here are another couple of shots of her sat on the black panther chair and enjoying a good squeeze.

Here she is on the grey chair and we get some bold pussy presenting and even some labia spreading; that most curious and unnatural sexual pose of the late seventies onwards.

Here is another version of her on the leopard print fabric as seen in the original pictorial.

The final pictures of Venesuela all have her dressed in Cowboy boots.  These ones, which come from a printed publication not scanned by Triple P but supplied by our friend C, feature the mirror that was also in her original pictorial.

This one is also from a magazine but not the May 1989 issue of Penthouse.

These ones, of Venesuela on the leopard print, are her most assertive pussy presenting ones, although she has her top covered up with a black dress,

In these final shots, Venesuela poses on the black panther chair.  This is a stylish and distinctive Pet of the Month pictorial which we instantly appreciated when we first saw it twenty seven years ago.  Venesuela herself is a strikingly beautiful woman who is very much to Triple P's taste.  It's a shame she didn't pose for mor epictorials.