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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dancing Venus: Strictly naughty in Argentina with Cinthia Fernández

Georgia May and we are sure she does very well

Agent Triple P continues to enjoy Strictly Come Dancing this year, despite the early departure of Ola Jordan, who has now confirmed that this was her last season.  Aliona Vilani continues to maintain the slink factor for Triple P.  Of this year's celebrities we are enjoying Katie Derham's world class legs, bouncy Georgia May Foote's impossibly inflated bust and taut-thighed Helen George's abbreviated training clothes.   Unlike previous years, when a clear favourite has emerged by now, any one of half a dozen celebrities could win this year.  

One of the many points of friction between Ola and Strictty this year revolved around camp judge Craig Revel Horwood's criticism of Ola's calendar not being suitable for Strictly's family audience.  This despite the fact that on more than one occasion he has praised a dance as being "absolute filth...I loved it".  

How he would cope with Argentina's version of Strictly, Bailando por un Sueño (Dancing for a Dream), we are not sure.  The Argentineans. of course, know a thing or two about dancing and their Strictly equivalent has been running since 2006.  Although it pairs celebrity dancers with professionals it differs from Strictly in that it has many more competitors (typically around 30), is on several times a week and the seasons last about nine months.  It was this time commitment that saw Mike Tyson and Pamela Andersen withdraw from series 7 in 2011.

Actress Florencia Peña gets raunchy in 2012

The series, given its length, also features many more types of dance than Strictly's ballroom and Latin; including such things as rock and roll, hip-hop, arabic and disco.  In fact recognisable dance styles from the UK show are very much in the minority and, surprisingly, tango has only just reappeared after several years of not being included.  All in all over 50 dance styles (many being defined by the type of music rather than the type pf dance) have been included in the 10 seasons to date.

Actress Emilia Attias in 2010

Two particular dances that have been included, which would send the BBC into an apoplectic fit, were pole dancing and strip dancing, for five seasons from 2007 to 2012.  The pole dancing (not an easy thing to learn) is done by the couples on parallel poles and the costumes are very much at the Las Vegas rather than pole fitness end of the clothing spectrum.

Florencia Peña in her strip dance in 2012

In the strip dance. as the name suggests, the professional dancer and the celebrity remove each other's clothes during the dance until they are down to very, very skimpy outfits indeed.  On more than one occasion the lady has had her bra removed, while posing with her back to the audience.

Magui Bravi, reality show star, offers up her groin in 2012

In one dance Triple P has seen, the lady, lying face down at the end of her routine has had her knickers cut off with a pair of scissors.  The routines, as you might expect, contain a high bump and grind content with crotch rubbing, breast squeezing and even faux copulation and oral sex moves.  Former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips' notorious eighties TV dance troupe Hot Gossip look very tame in comparison.

Needless to say, with all this unfettered passion on the dance floor sometimes it gets out of hand, even for Argentine TV.  This was certainly the case in October 2011 when actress and model Cinthia Fernández took to the floor for her strip dance.  She began her routine reclining on a couch with her professional dancer, who were both dressed in an approximation of ancient Greek clothes, The male professional leant down to remove a grape from her mouth with his mouth.  Goodness me, Strictly judges have a fit if a UK couple even suggest a kiss!

Miss Fernández jumped up from the couch to straddle her partner who soon whipped her abbreviated tunic off.  This revealed a very small pair of knickers which just about covered her as she thrust her undoubtedly pert behind at the camera.

Her professional partner, Gabriel Usandivaras, soon had her up against a nicely phallic column against which Miss Fernández looked suitably aroused. Gabriel had her knickers undone in no time, revealing a tiny g-string.

Posing with her back to the column Cinthia's breasts were grabbed by her partner, who also undid the tie holding her bra together and thereby revealed a pair of enhanced breasts with just a few strokes of gold paint covering, but not hiding, her prominent nipples.

Now, there had been previous bra removals to reveal pasties in the strip dance segment but these had all happened at the end of the dance. Cinthia and Gabriel were really only just getting going, meaning her breasts were out for most of the dance.  Gabriel removed his own tunic to reveal a very non-historically accurate pair of gold shorts before Cinthia rode him across the stage like a horse.

Next Gabriel has Cinthia on her back and is soon between her legs thrusting away and caressing her breasts.  Given how many Strictly celebrities have had affairs with their professional dance partners it makes you wonder what the Argentinian numbers are like.  She rips his gold shorts off leaving him in a g-string as well.

Cinthia crawls across the floor towards Gabriel, breasts swinging, before kneeling up and caressing them for him..

Unlike Strictly, which has no commentary during the dances, Bailando has the presenter, Marcelo Tinelli (who takes every opportunity to grope the women, rather sleazily). not only interjecting comments but also roaming around the edge of the dance floor.  Mainly his comments during this dance were "no, no. no", as the couple went through some new racy move, such as removing Cinthia's bra altogether.  In fact Marcelo seems to pretend to be appalled during many of these strip dances.  The performance was cheered on in the studio by the show's group of scantily clad female backing dancers and was watched with some bemusement by Cinthia's parents!

The couple return to the couch, in fact a very un-historical chaise longue, and while Cinthia caresses her breasts again Gabrile picks up a large jug of red wine, (presumably a nice Argentinian Malbec) and pours it over his partner's torso.

Finally, both Gabriel and Cinthia pull at the ties of their g-strings, leaving them both completely and unashamedly naked with her astride his knee.  Although, as we have mentioned, a g-string had been undone before on the show, the girl had never been completely full frontally exposed like this.

The host put his hand in front of the camera to attempt to block the view but the director just shifted cameras to reveal Gabriel and Cinthia in positive post coital pose on the chaise longue, whispering to each other.  The host had to bring on a couple of the backing dancers to stand in front of Cinthia, while she put her g-string back on.

While getting the judges comments Gabriel put his skirt back on but Cinthia din't bother with her bra and was quite happy in her g-string.  Votes were mixed, with several scores of nine but one appalled judge giving a three.  Even in Argentina, the programme was investigated by the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communications due to complaints but the strip dances remained for another season.

Cinthia, who was 22 at the time, was certainly not shy about her body and that very month appeared in Playboy Argentina, displaying her plastic bust and some impressive dancer's muscles.

Cinthia was taken aback by the negative public reaction to her full frontal nudity and later tweeted an apology, in a wardrobe malfunction moment.  The wine, she suggested, had got in her eyes and so she accidentally pulled the bow on her g-string.  Nonsense of course!

She stayed in the competition and didn't get eliminated until just before the quarter finals, beating 24 other contestants, so her strip dance didn't do her any harm.

Almost inevitably she married a footballer, in her case one Matias Defederico, with whom she has had three children, although the couple split up

We like Cinthia's stocky, muscular little body and firm posterior but do not appreciate her plastic bust.  She had a perfectly nice bust before her so-called enhancement but many South American women are fixated about bust enlargement.

A nicely natural Cinthia

The winner of the strip dance part of the show that year was Uruguayan model Mónica Farro, who finished her performance astride her partners face pouring Champagne over her bare breasts.  She kept her knickers on, though!

Mónica Farro in the climax of her strip dance.

Also a footballer's girlfriend, Farro had also appeared in Playboy Argentina, where she displayed another fine bottom but equally silicone and even nastier looking breasts, sadly.

Obviously encouraged by Cinthia's performance, a few days later Monica Listorti , in an effective Turkish bellydance costume, got completely naked with her partner at the end of their dance, although she made sure she kept the vital bits covered.  Still, he was lying between her thighs and they had quite a passionate kissing session at the end too.  Not surprisingly her husband, who was in the audience, was none too pleased and threw his jacket over the couple (a bucket of water might have been a better idea).

We could certainly do with such a passionate dance competition here.  No chance of that however!  Hot Latin blood is needed!