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Friday, September 26, 2014

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 23: Robin Avener


Currently, Agent Triple P is working on a post for his long ignored blog Venus in Motion.  There are a number of reasons why we haven't posted on this for over a year; principally because the film we were working on was proving difficult to source pictures from.  Anyway, our particular friend S, in Vancouver, told us to just post anything to get it moving again.

Just the other day we were watching a slightly racy film with a lady friend (yes, that lady friend, S) which she had chosen on the basis that we were discussing the Bo Derek film '10' (1979).  The film in question was Bolero (1984) and we well recalled the pictorial about it in Playboy's July 1984 issue.   That issue  featured the gorgeous Liz Stewart as Playmate of the Month and also this pictorial of a lady called Robin Avener, which was also very memorable, as we will relate.

Usually the subsidiary pictorials in Playboy featured a model or an actress but occasionally they would focus on a "normal" woman and one such is the lovely Robin Avener, here.

Twenty-nine year old Robin was an assistant producer (for TV commercials) at the prestigious Ogilvy and Mather Partners advertising agency.  This was an early example of Playboy's embracing of yuppy culture which saw an increasing focus on business (and (naked) women in business) a year after they had launched a finance column in the magazine.

No less than half of the photographs in Robin's pictorial are her dressed and depicting her in her (posed) daily life.  These pictures, of course, play to Playboy's girl next door approach.

Out of her clothes and into the bed for Robin in the other half of her photographs and she displays a particularly perky pair of nipples which completely confirms Triple P's Italian friend M's assertion that when it comes to breasts shape is more important than size.  We were completely taken by Miss Avener's elastic sided knickers and, not long afterwards bought an identical red pair for our then girlfriend (who had a very similar build and colouring).  We found them very sportif!

Pompeo Posar certainly gets the best out of her lissome shape in these pictures.  It must have been odd, for her co-workers, to meet her in the office having seen these shots but perhaps the workers in Madison Avenue were more liberal than average.  We are reminded of the incident where one of Triple P's friends went on a company team building weekend when he was working in Switzerland and went into the sauna with some of the other men from the office only fto have two of their young female colleagues turn up there as well, completely and unconcernedly naked.  That was Europe, however!

In the text accompanying her Playboy piece Miss Avener said that she was interested in getting in front of the camera and doing stand up comedy and later she worked at Comedy Central producing on-air promotional videos.  It was there that she met her future husband Nick Bakay a writer, actor and comedian who did the voice over for the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and for which he wrote several episodes.  More recently he has been a sportscaster for ESPN.  He married Robin in 1994 and she has occasionally appeared on his TV shows.  Robin is now a successful TV writer in her own right often working with her husband on projects.

But really it all comes down to this last shot; one of those shots Posar would occasionally pull off which just dripped with erotic power.  One of the very best rear-end shots we can remember; she's presenting herself to the viewer but it is quite clear that all the power lies with her.

An older Robin



  1. Fine looking woman. Have you posted anything on Linda Summers? She is one of my all time favorites. All natural too! G$

  2. What a lovely arse shot! And I think the sexiness is enhanced by the taut red knickers.

  3. When this pictorial came out I was smitten with Ms. Avener. I was also attending graduate school in Manhattan, and decided to test, at least partway, the verity of what the magazine had said about the glorious creature. I got as far as looking her up in my Manhattan phone book and finding, indeed, a Robin Avener who lived in some appropriately comfortable-but-not-stodgy neighborhood. Never dialed the number. The next phone book didn't list her--no surprise.