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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Venus on a motorbike 1

S was pleased with our previous motorbike Venus and has demanded another one, so this time we have a BMW on which is draped a lovely girl with perfectly perky breasts and an outstanding bush.  We have no idea who she is but she is splendid!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 23: Robin Avener


Currently, Agent Triple P is working on a post for his long ignored blog Venus in Motion.  There are a number of reasons why we haven't posted on this for over a year; principally because the film we were working on was proving difficult to source pictures from.  Anyway, our particular friend S, in Vancouver, told us to just post anything to get it moving again.

Just the other day we were watching a slightly racy film with a lady friend (yes, that lady friend, S) which she had chosen on the basis that we were discussing the Bo Derek film '10' (1979).  The film in question was Bolero (1984) and we well recalled the pictorial about it in Playboy's July 1984 issue.   That issue  featured the gorgeous Liz Stewart as Playmate of the Month and also this pictorial of a lady called Robin Avener, which was also very memorable, as we will relate.

Usually the subsidiary pictorials in Playboy featured a model or an actress but occasionally they would focus on a "normal" woman and one such is the lovely Robin Avener, here.

Twenty-nine year old Robin was an assistant producer (for TV commercials) at the prestigious Ogilvy and Mather Partners advertising agency.  This was an early example of Playboy's embracing of yuppy culture which saw an increasing focus on business (and (naked) women in business) a year after they had launched a finance column in the magazine.

No less than half of the photographs in Robin's pictorial are her dressed and depicting her in her (posed) daily life.  These pictures, of course, play to Playboy's girl next door approach.

Out of her clothes and into the bed for Robin in the other half of her photographs and she displays a particularly perky pair of nipples which completely confirms Triple P's Italian friend M's assertion that when it comes to breasts shape is more important than size.  We were completely taken by Miss Avener's elastic sided knickers and, not long afterwards bought an identical red pair for our then girlfriend (who had a very similar build and colouring).  We found them very sportif!

Pompeo Posar certainly gets the best out of her lissome shape in these pictures.  It must have been odd, for her co-workers, to meet her in the office having seen these shots but perhaps the workers in Madison Avenue were more liberal than average.  We are reminded of the incident where one of Triple P's friends went on a company team building weekend when he was working in Switzerland and went into the sauna with some of the other men from the office only fto have two of their young female colleagues turn up there as well, completely and unconcernedly naked.  That was Europe, however!

In the text accompanying her Playboy piece Miss Avener said that she was interested in getting in front of the camera and doing stand up comedy and later she worked at Comedy Central producing on-air promotional videos.  It was there that she met her future husband Nick Bakay a writer, actor and comedian who did the voice over for the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and for which he wrote several episodes.  More recently he has been a sportscaster for ESPN.  He married Robin in 1994 and she has occasionally appeared on his TV shows.  Robin is now a successful TV writer in her own right often working with her husband on projects.

But really it all comes down to this last shot; one of those shots Posar would occasionally pull off which just dripped with erotic power.  One of the very best rear-end shots we can remember; she's presenting herself to the viewer but it is quite clear that all the power lies with her.

An older Robin


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 33: Karyl Pierson

Our particular friend S, from Canada, is something of a motor cycle aficionado and had just bought a new bike, she tells us.  Agent Triple P  has no interest in motor cycles (he has certainly never ridden one) and considers them to be travelling death traps.  They have always been popular subjects for photographers for men's magazines, however.  

When speaking to S last night, she suggested that I find a pictorial featuring a motor bike.  We can recall several but the one that leaped immediately into our mind is this from from May 1976's Men Only.

We consider this to be something of a classic issue as it was the very first one we owned, when we found a pristine copy under the seat in the train on the way to school.  You can see more pictures from this issue here. Despite looking under many, many seats on trains while on our way to school for the next two years we never found another such magazine, sadly.

Photographed by Clive McLean, who was doing some wonderful work at this time, it is a beautifully lit set of the kind you just don't see anymore as magazines today insist on using what appear to be searchlights to illuminate their models.

There are two things which make it such an effective pictorial.  Firstly, is the use of the striking, bright green helmet in an otherwise simple black, silver and tan palette.  Secondly, of course is the unzipped leather body suit featuring Karyl's labia bursting out of the zipped orifice like a split fig. The contrast between her delicate bits, the chunky metal zipper and her fluffy pubic hair, especially in the one above, is very effective. 

In the second part of the pictorial she dispenses with both the helmet and the body suit and poses just wearing her boots.  The lighting in these gives her hair an almost silvery tone which matches the silver highlights in her boots and on the bike.

Now we know virtually nothing about motor bikes but we do remember that, at the time, this machine, the Kawasaki (or "Kwackers", as it was known at school) 900 was considered the ultimate bike by Triple P's more knowledgeable friends, even though the most any of them could aspire to was the Yamaha Fs1e  (known as the "Fizzy") 50cc moped.

Such was the lure of two-wheeled transport then, when one boy, a hitherto unregarded sort of chap, was bought one for his birthday his stock at school immediately shot up enormously.  We love the halo of fluff Karyl is demonstrating in this one.  How anyone can prefer a bald, one given a shot like this, is beyond us!  You can feel it tickling the palm of your hand!

Here we have Karyl demonstrating a beautiful heart shaped bottom.  We wonder if she did any more magazine shoots because in the few pictures where you can see her face she is really stunning.  The accompanying text said she was Dutch, but we all know how much notice we can take of those blurbs.

Men Only had only been showing assertive labia shots for a few months so these two examples were more than enough to excite the admiration of Triple P and his friends.

Usually, Club in the US had the same pictorials as Men Only but a month or two later.  The pictorial of Karyl was unusual in that it actually appeared in the US magazine before it was published in Men Only in the UK, in Club's April edition..

Mostly the pictures were the same as in the UK edition (a few were flipped horizontally) and in fact Men Only had all the shots of Karyl just wearing her boots which didn't appear in Club at all.  Club did, however, have these two shots which weren't in Men Only, including this fine body suit one.

In Club, Karyl was actually the centrefold so here is her double page, er, spread.  So we hope that S enjoys the lovely Karyl and is careful on her new Harley-Davidson!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 36: Circe Stathakos (Rosemary England)

We have had a request for this pictorial which brings us up to date on, at least, our August non-cemtrefolds of the month. We will carry on filling in the gaps.

This pictorial appeared in the August 1979 issue of Penthouse and was photographed by Christer Flodqvist in the Aegean.

Circe, said the text, was a Greek girl who was named after the sorceress of "Ancient myth" who turned men into swine.

All utter nonsense, of course, because, in reality, she was English Page 3 girl Rosemary England f(real name Jada Smith) from the far from exotic British south coast resort of Bournemouth.

Twenty-four years old at this time, she had been appearing in men's magazines since 1976.  She retired from modelling in 1980 following the death of Mary Millington with whom she had been appearing in some of David Sullivan's magazines such as Whitehouse and Playbirds.  You can read more about her in our Pubic Wars post covering the third quarter of 1979.

Rosemary had a stunning figure and the sunny Greek location was a good one but she was poorly served by Penthouse who only gave her pictorial six pages with six pictures; one of which was very small.  Still, they almost made up for it with this superb rear end shot.

Her final shot was rather more explicit than what she had done for the likes of Mayfair but was nothing compared to what she posed for in the David Sullivan magazines.

Fortunately, we have these outtakes to enable us to admire her splendid form in more depth.  Here she is in an unbuttoned top and some see-through knickers.

A different top, this time, but just as unbuttoned.  Sensibly, she has decided to dispense with her knickers altogether.  It's probably far too hot under the Greek sun!

Here she is up on the roof.  Tho thirds of the pictures in her original pictorial came from this sequence and we are not surprised, as they are the nicest photographs in the shoot.

Here she is in the red outfit that features in the remaining two pictures in the pictorial in the magazine, although neither of them were from this sequence, shot through a doorway.  Perhaps it was felt that they didn't look obviously Greek enough.

Finally, we have her writhing around on a sun bed to excellent effect although, perhaps, none of these are as potent as the thigh gripping shot in the original magazine pictorial.  So, a splendid young woman in her prime nicely cooked by the Greek sun.  What a feast!  We can almost smell the taramasalata!  Especially in the bottom one.