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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Austrian Venuses for 8.5 million views

Heidi Becker, June 1961

We passed eight and a half million views last week and to celebrate we present Playboy's only Austrian Venuses, as Austria has a population of almost exactly 8.5 million.  Agent Triple P has travelled to Vienna quite a bit on business and had a holiday in the Tyrol a few years ago too, so can vouch for the loveliness of Austrian women.  It is rather surprising that Playboy has only had two Austrian Playmates, therefore, and these were a long time ago.   

Heide Becker, December 1979

First was Heidi Becker, born in Klagenfurt, for the June 1961 issue.  Twenty at the time of her pictorial, she proved to be a popular Playmate and was featured in a retrospective in the December 1979 issue when she posed again at the age of 39.  Now living in California, she is seventy three. 

Susan Denberg

The second Austrian Playmate, Susan Denberg, was actually born in Bad Polzin in Germany (now Polczyn-Zdrój, Poland) as Dietlinde Zechner in 1944 and was the centrefold for Playboy's August 1966 issue.  Oddly, she grew up in Klagenfurt, birthplace of Heide Becker.   Initially a showgirl, she modelled and began an acting career appearing in the Hammer film Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) and a famous episode of Star Trek; Mudd's Women in 1966.

Peter Cushing with Denberg in Frankenstein Created Woman

Mysteriously, she disappeared from the public eye in 1967 and for many years was believed to have died of an overdose.  Later it was revealed that she was still alive and living back in Klagenfurt.  She is sixty-nine years old.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Centrefold Venus of the Month 58: Michelle Walker, March 1986

It's back to the nineteen eighties for this Centrefold of the Month, which is the one which Triple P had planned to have for March 2014 so it is only three months late.

So from March 1986 comes the lovely Michelle Walker, from an issue which Triple P remembers buying at Rome airport.  Triple P travelled to Italy on business a lot in the mid to late eighties and early nineties.

US Penthouse magazine was not available in the UK so we had to pick it up on overseas business trips and airports were the best place as they all seemed to stock the US edition.   We would buy them after going through customs and immigration but wouldn't get a chance to look at them until after we had got home, frustratingly.

In this case we were collected from the airport by our then girlfriend S who, fortunately, enjoyed looking at naked girls as much as we did (she bought us a lot of erotic art books) so we first looked at this one in her small bedroom in her rooftop flat in leafy St Margarets. south west London, one hot evening in August.

Triple P had brought her lots of presents from Rome, as we had been away several weeks and she was in a very receptive mood.  It was she who spotted this Penthouse in our bag and immediately wanted to have a look.  However, we managed to persuade her to wait until after we had had some Champagne, she had eaten some chocolates I had got her and she had slipped into something more comfortable, which was, in this case, a short pink cotton vest and nothing else.

In fact she was rather amused as her vest turned out to be almost exactly the same shade as Michelle's swimsuit which featured in the early part of her pictorial by David Schoen.

Schoen, who turns seventy today, was a top photographer who had already being doing work for the likes of Vogue in the seventies.

David Schoen in 1986

The son of bandleader Vic Schoen, whose orchestra accompanied the Andrews sisters, Schoen's first Penthouse pictorial was published in 1980 and he continued to shoot for them regularly until the mid nineties.  He was one of the great Penthouse photographers, despite not being as well known as the likes of Earl Miller, Stan Malinowski and Jeff Dunas.

There is a (deliberate?) mistake here.  This shot is just a flipped, close-up of the photograph two above this one.  It seems odd that they didn't use a different image as they had, as we shall see, plenty of outtakes and would have shot something in the region of seven to ten rolls of film (at least).   No doubt it was all about balancing composition on the page.

Anyway, S also enjoyed a rather good boy/girl set in the magazine (one of Penthouse's period ones) so it turned into a very satisfyingly sensuous evening.  S really was the queen of foreplay and liked to take her time.

These initial pictures of Michelle feature her on the beach (or rather on the rocks) in some none too exciting looking weather.  There are a few shots in the sunshine but mostly it looks quite overcast.

Michelle puts her body into some nicely sculptural shapes for us and risks life and limb scrambling over some treacherously slimy looking rocks.

This is a one off shot; we don't get another picture of this outfit in the pictorial.  At least the sun has come out!  This lacy top is also quintessentially eighties and our girlfriend S had several like this.  We remember her getting the first Next Directory (a groundbreaking catalogue for a relatively new clothes retail chain in Britain) just over a year after this issue of Penthouse came out and it having quite a diverting lingerie section in this sort of style.

From the first Next Catalogue January 1988

Compared with previous mail order catalogues this was something else.  It was a hardback for a start, you had to buy it (unlike previous catalogues which were all free but low quality) and it contained fabric swatches.  It also used photographers such as Herb Ritts and Gilles Bensimon and models like Yasmin Le Bon and Karen Mulder.  S and Triple P picked out several entertaining outfits from it for her, including this one, as S had an almost identical figure (perhaps she was rather bustier, if anything).  Not our usual choice of body type at all!

Here is another one-off of Michelle (just about) wearing a shirt and tie.  What a perky pair she has!

Going inside she poses in a very eighties big-shouldered pink blouse.  Michelle is a very pretty girl (and not all Pets were, by any means) and you can tell Schoen enjoyed photographing her face as much as her body.  The smiles are lovely!

This one is a variant of the cover shot, of course, and shows how effective a clothed top and  a bare bottom can be, as my friend S knew all to well!

Here we see, for the first time. Michelle on the bed which would feature in many of the pictures from the second half of the pictorial.

Here is another lovely portrait of Michelle  this time in that eighties Penthouse favorite, fingerless lacy gloves.

On the whole, Michelle's poses had been rather modest, with just the one spread legged shot of her on the rocks by the sea.  This was eighties Penthouse, however, and the final pictures from the pictorial were rather more assertive.  This one, covered more than a page and has Michelle displaying tan lines which are rather more prominent on her bottom half than her top half.

Here Michelle displays, in another cross pages shot, a glimpse of an enticingly open vagina.

Another couple of sensual pussy poses, here in a pair of red shoes.  S always wanted to know why the girls in these pictorials wore their shoes in bed.  We ventured that perhaps they felt less naked and vulnerable with them on but the practice is very odd, if you think about it.

This picture, featuring Michelle's boldly displayed anus, was almost identical to her centrefold shot, except for the presence of the fingerless-gloved hand.  After Triple P expressed his appreciation for this picture S began to display her behind to us much more provocatively than previously.  Like many girls with impressive busts she failed to appreciate that some men preferred other parts of a woman's body perhaps more.

Michelle was another one of those girls who appeared in Penthouse once and then disappeared.  She didn't do any "Love Sets" and we haven't been able to find any other pictures of her posing in other magazines.  This is a shame as she was especially lovely.  Penthouse did use a few pictures of her from the same shoot for the covers of some of their other publications.

Fortunately, there are quite a few outtakes from the pictorial which did not appear in the magazine and some of these are very fine indeed.   This one is similar, but not identical to one of the early shots in the magazine.

There are no real equivalents of these in the magazine but they are shot on the same location as the one above these two.

Let's go back to where we first found her: by the sea.  These ones all feature the rocks that appear in the original pictorial.  This one of her in the pink one piece is also similar to one from the pages of the magazine.  What an effective swimsuit!

Here are three of Michelle wearing some fetching yellow bikini bottoms which we didn't see in the magazine.  We would venture that the high cut swimsuits of the eighties were the greatest innovation in women's swimwear since the invention of the bikini - although you needed a firm posterior and good hip bones to carry it off.

This one is also very similar to, but less cropped than, one from the original pictorial.

Here we have Michelle at the sea shore itself and posing for a couple of classic waves between the legs shots.  The sun is actually out in these!

Finally, at the seaside, its a bit of leg-spreading rock-posing pictures like the one from the pages of the magazine which we saw earlier.

These two are just slight variations on a couple of the photographs from the original layout.

A couple of very similar shots with no equivalents in the original magazine pictorial here, as Michelle stands at a French window.

These kneeling poses are also not reflected in the magazine.  The top one of these, where she is smiling, is very cute.

Two more of the pink top, including the shot that they used for the October 1987 Forum cover.

A trio of nice face and bust shots here (rather more than head and shoulders) with a couple of nice smiling ones too.

Here is the rather curious outfit which appeared in the centrefold shot. White high heels, legwarmers and red elbow length fingerless gloves.  Strange.

A bit more sultry here, as it's back to the red shoes for these three pictures.

In this sequence Michelle's lovely pussy becomes visibly more aroused as she gently opens herself out for us.

In Michelle's final three pictures she displays her plumped up labia and delectable entrance in as assertive a way as any Penthouse shots from this period.

1986 was something of a classic year for Penthouse Pets and it featured many of our favourites from the decade, including the lovely Michelle and her damply inviting pussy.  Shortly we will be posting another of our favourites from the same year.