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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Olynpics Venus 9: Elena Nikitina

Twenty one year old Russian Elena Nikitina competed in the skeleton bob event in Sochi.  Originally a footballer she took up the sport in 2008 as a teenager.

There is nothing skeletal about Elena's figure, however; she is pleasingly curvy and posed, before the games, almost popping out of her skin suit.

She also did a few nice lingerie shots to prove that she is not just a muscle bound bottom and pair of thighs (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course!).

In the end, she did rather well, finishing in bronze medal position.  Not as good as Britain's Lizzy Yarnold, of course, but we can't imagine Lizzy posing in her underwear like this.  Still, it was Russia's first ever Olympic medal in women's skeleton and as she was ranked only 13th overall in the 2013/2014 season she did well.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 8: Tatiana Borodulina

Sorry we haven't had a Winter Olympics Venus for  awhile but Agent Triple P's PC has died so we have had to move, temporarily, to a laptop.  Even though the Sochi games has now finished we will post a few more fit young ladies before going back to our more usual fare.

This is Russian short track speedskater Tatiana Borodulina and a very outstanding young athlete she is too.

Twenty nine year old Tatiana was born in Omsk, in Russia.  She won four golds at the European Championships in 2005 and the following year competed in the 2006 Turin Olympics in 1500m but was disqualified.  Later that year she, and a number of other Russian skaters, decided to miss the World Championships.  Unfortunately because of this she was not available for a scheduled drugs test so was given a six month suspension.  Annoyed at the Russian authorities, she offered to compete for Australia, a country with  a long history of hoovering up athletes (especially Russians) from other countries and giving them citizenship.

In Vancouver in 2010 she competed for Australia and got to the quarter finals in the 1000m. With the next winter games in Russia she went back to competing for Russia but, again,didn't do that well in a sport dominated by stocky orientals with low centres of gravity.

Still, she was one of the Russian female Winter Olympians who posed for slightly racy photos before the games to "improve the image of Russian women athletes".  Tatiana's shots were slightly more risque than most, with the one above being Triple P's favourite and giving a good idea of where the power of speekskaters resides.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 7: Lolo Jones

The women's bobsleigh concludes today and one of the most famous athletes in the games, America's Lolo Jones, is competing in the USA 3 sled.

Like many bobsleigh brakemen, she was originally a track athlete; in sprint hurdles.  She is most famous for leading the Beijing Olympic final and then falling at the last hurdle.  It later turned out she had a spinal problem which meant that she could not feel her feet and, therefore, clipped the hurdles in the race.  

A successful operation cured the problem but her moment had passed and she finished fourth in the 2012 final.  

Her best hurdles results were indoors at the World Championships in 2008 and 2010 and it was this short distance speed that attracted the US bobsleigh team.  She joined the team shortly after the London Olympics.

In athletics, Jones was, in some ways,  the Americans' answer to Jessica Ennis, with a profile higher than her sporting achievements alone.  

Her beautiful face and sculpted figure attracted photographers outside the narrow confines of track and field.

Jones (left) and Fenlator in USA 3 yesterday

Sadly, her quest for a medal in Sochi ended yesterday when her sled finished a lowly 12th.  At the moment USA 1 is in the lead with relay Olympic gold medal winning sprinter Lauryn Williams is poised to become the first woman in history to win golds in both summer and winter Olympics.

Jones is still new to bobsleigh so it is conceivable she may try for Korea in four years time.  She will be 35 then but there are competitors in bobsleigh approaching 40 in this year's games.

Jones is very religious and a self-confessed virgin.  Let's hope she finds someone special to appreciate her exceptional beauty.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 6: Julia Mancuso

A disappointing run on Saturday in  the controversial women's Super Giant Slalom for today's Winter Olympics Venus, Julia Mancuso.  

Having won the bronze medal in the combined she had a good chance to repeat her gold from 2006.  In fact, adding these two to silvers she won in the downhill and the combined in Vancouver makes her the most be-medalled woman Olympic Alpine skiier.

Sadly, it was not to be, on a fiendish course set by the Austrians which saw 19 of the competitors failing to finish.  In fact, of the early runners only one out of the first ten completed the course.

With the absence of Lindsey Vonn due to injury, Julia was the Americans great hope, as well as being the poster girl (literally) for the US alpine ski team.

Mancuso was born in Reno, Nevada and made her World Cup debut at the age of fifteen; scoring her first World Cup points two years later.

Her late 2013 season did not go so well; getting only one top fifteen place, so she took some time off from the circuit to prepare for Sochi; which obviously worked.

Julia is quite happy to pose in her underwear and less and in 2010 launched her own lingerie line, saying, "you can be feminine and fast", much to the disapproval of wimmin who say she is betraying women by turning herself into someone who is admired for her body not her athletic achievements.

Her lingerie line, Kiss my Tiara (a reference to the plastic tiara she was handed by teammates as a good luck charm) was so popular during the Vancouver Olympics that the firm's server crashed under the weight of enquiries.

In fact, we think women like Julia are a very positive force for young women these days.  It's good to see a different type of body shape than the emaciated sticks that pass for models.

We have a young neighbour who was very good at rowing but gave it up because it was making her legs too muscled.  What a shame.  If it was more acceptable for women to be fit and toned rather than either half starved or obese it would do much for body conscious young women.

Julia is a perfect example of a well-toned fit woman.  Look at the wonderful , rolling curves on her legs and posterior in the picture above.  Splendid!

Julia is only 5'6" tall, which is slight compared with many of the women on the circuit.  Lindsey Vonn, for example, is 5'10" and weighs 160lbs; 22lbs more than Mancuso.  Maria Höfl-Riesch, winner of the Sochi super combined and silver medallist in the Super Giant Slalom is over 6' and over 30lbs heavier than Mancuso.

Julia's technique makes up for her size, however, and the weight she has is elegantly distributed.

Tomorrow she goes in the Giant Slalom and she may have a good chance there as she is obviously going well.  Good luck Julia!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 5: Anna Sidorova

The women's curling is well under way so today we present the lovely Anna Sidorova, skip (as they say) of the Russian team.

Curling was always considered a rather bizarre form of bowls on ice in the UK (except Scotland where it was invented) and suffered much derision until Great Britain unexpectedly won the gold medal in 2002 at the Salt Lake City games.

Suddenly everyone was interested in it and there was a resurgence of the sport in the UK.   Having spent some time in Canada Agent Triple P is very familiar with curling rinks and even had a meeting in one once, bizarrely.

Born in Moscow, Sidorova played as skip in a number of games in  the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, becoming the youngest player in that position at the games, at the age of nineteen.

Now twenty three years old she is the full-time skip for the Sochi team and will be hoping to build on their success at the European Curling Championships in 2012, when she led the team to gold.

Sidorova made the Olympics in Vancouver just five years after taking up the sport after her career as a figure skater ended following an injury.

These pictures, taken shortly before the current games, have really increased her profile in Russia although, needless to say, she is now saying that she wants to be known for her play not her looks

So far it's not going too well for the Russian ladies.  They have beaten Denmark, Switzerland and the USA, but lost to China, Japan and Korea.  Unfortunately tomorrow they take on mighty Canada so there even record is under threat.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 4: Darya Domracheva

Another Gold Medal winning Winter Olympics Venus today, with Belarus biathlete Darya Domracheva, as suggested by one of our readers. Twenty seven year old Darya won the bronze in the Vancouver individual in 2010 but picked up the gold in the pursuit in Sochi on Tuesday.

Darya was asked to carry the Belarus flag at the opening ceremony but her coach advised against it, obviously worried that even the tiniest strain could put her aim off.

In the 10km event she dominated from the start and despite missing the last target, leading to a 250m penalty loop, she still won by over 37 seconds.

The slightly bizarre skiing and shooting sport of biathlon is a real test for bodily control.  Not only do you have to have a long distance runner's stamina to handle the skiing part you then have to calm yourself down for the shooting stage.  If you miss a target (there are twenty in the 10km pursuit) you have to ski a penalty loop for each one.

Born in Minsk during Soviet days she originally competed, as a cross-country skier, for Russia before switching her allegiance to Belarus in 2004.

She won golds at the World Championships in 2012 and 2013 having made her senior debut in the Belarus team in 2006.  She was ranked number two in the 2012-2013 World Cup.

All the running and cycling she does in off season training, let alone the skiing, has given her a splendidly toned figure.

She'll be in action again on Friday for the 15km event.

Stop Press: she won another Gold in the individual 15km yesterday,  Way to go Darya!  A third gold for the unstoppable Darya in the 15km mass start!  Woman of the games, without doubt!