Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Venus with a car 2: Renault 40CV

We haven't had any vintage Venuses for a while so here we have a young French lady with a vintage Renault.

Agent Triple P doesn't know much about French cars of the interwar period but we think this might be a Renault 40CV from the mid to late twenties (production ceased in 1928 but this is the mid-twenties version of the Renault badge).  We'd be interested to hear from any experts!

The E on the number plate indicates a Parisian registered car (France was the first country with a national system of number plate registration) from about the same period.

The lady's clothes also put her in about this time as well.  The shorter dresses of the twenties had led to the need for longer stockings and suspenders, rather than garters, to hold them up.

From a series of postcards, we would imagine. Honk! Honk!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Venus with a car 1: Aston Martin DB6 by Jeanloup Sieff

Needless to say, just putting up random images until I have time for some proper entries is beyond me and already I am starting to think about sub-categories.  Venuses with cars is such an obvious one that we are surprised we haven't done it before but we will try and ensure that the car is, at least, interesting.

A good place to start is this fine study of an Aston Martin DB6 by French Fashion photographer Jeanloup Sieff (1933-2000).  This pictures was the very first photograph in the short-lived quarterly erotic magazine: the Journal of Erotica, which first appeared in 1992.  With plain, textured white covers and gold writing this was a very classy, and expensive, production.   Too expensive, obviously as it only lasted for nine issues. It featured stories, poems, art and photography.  Triple P's subscription to this was a present from a former girlfriend, I, from Rome.  At this point she and Triple P had both acquired serious partners but we couldn't quite give each other up.  Once in a while, during this period, she would visit London and Triple P was instructed to bring a copy of The Journal of Erotica to her hotel room where she would writhe around enticingly in her La Perla lingerie while we read her some of the stories.  So this publication still reminds me of the impressively leggy I and we know she would appreciate this choice as she liked sixties cars (she had a red Alfa Romeo Spider which she called Giulietta and which constantly broke down).  When Triple P was in Rome we would set out to explore the countryside and it was always an adventure as you never knew if you would get back. Several times we had to stay overnight in hotels while the car was worked on.  Triple P was never sure how genuine these failed car interludes were, in retrospect.  They always seemed to be very close to a small romantic hotel, most notably in Frascati where Triple P discovered red Frascati wine for the first time and how much she liked having it poured over her perky breasts.

Anyway, here is a second, although not so effective, shot from the same session.  Composition is everything! More Venuses with cars shortly.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Personally Selected Venus 3: Anna Falchi

We have featured the sulkily sultry Italian/Finnish model and actress Anna Falchi before in our Adventures of Triple P blog but here is our second favourite shot of her.  The first, of course, is in the original post!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Personally Selected Venus 2: Druuna by Serpieri

We have looked at Italian artist Serpieri's pictures before and examined the source of his inspiration for his comic book character Druuna, the Brazilian model Ana Lima.  Our friend in Vancouver recently sent me this picture as she observed, rightly, that we hadn't got it in any of our previous posts.  So we can rectify that, right now!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Personally Selected Venus 1: From Penthouse UK Volume 14 No 7

Putting together the centrefold, non-centrefold and Pubic Wars posts for this blog takes ages.  As Agent Triple P has been travelling a lot of late and is generally very busy with work we have not been able to post as much as we would like.  Our particular friend B, from Germany, was berating us via e-mail only yesterday.

So, to rectify this situation somewhat, we are going to post the occasional personally selected one-off picture.  These will be images we happen upon, perhaps when looking for material for the longer posts, which just happen to take our fancy.  There will be no rhyme, reason or theme to these pictures: they are just ones we like.  Maybe, as in the case with this picture, the other images in the book or pictorial are not as strong.  Maybe, it is just a one off image anyway.  Some of them will be illustrations rather than photographs.  There may even be some celebrities!  Whatever, the idea is that we resist the temptation to research the model/artist/photographer and just present the image itself.  We have seen many fine blogs which just present images and while we do these blogs partly to keep our writing skills honed, sometimes a strong image is enough.

Joanne Latham on the cover

Here, anyway, is an unknown young lady from the UK edition of Penthouse, Volume 14 No 7 (October 1979) which we found while researching our next Pubic Wars episode which covers that year.  The photograph is by Bryan Wharton.  Less writing for the next one, we promise!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Venus with Pasta 2: Eva Herzigova

Triple P has been away for the best part of a month so realises that he has to catch up on his posting.  Here, then, is another in our Venus with Pasta series.  This is our favourite shot of our favourite nineties supermodel, Eva Herzigova.  Shot by Bruce Weber in Florida for the 1998 Pirelli Calendar, we wonder how many times Eva had to taste the spaghetti to get the shot just right. 

Perfectly al dente!

We need more Eva we think!