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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Venus in black stockings 2: Kelly Brook

There are, disappointingly, comparatively few pictures of Miss Brook in black stockings, an unusual situation for a young lady who spends much of her time posing about in lingerie.  Still, we have two fine examples here: one in hold ups and one in suspenders (or a garter belt if you are a North American).

The one above looks effectively slutty, probably because she is wearing a dress rather than just a boudoir concoction as in the one below (in which she looks very young).  The illicit flash of stockings in everyday wear is so much more potent than seeing them on an undressed girl.  Triple P remembers a meeting where he sat next to a girl from HM Treasury who not only flashed the tops of her stockings when seated but spent the whole meeting pinging her suspender straps against her leg.  Most distracting!

We note that poor Kelly broke up with her boyfriend this week, mainly, it seems, because she kept going to meet the previous one.  We imagine that she won't be on the market for very long.


  1. Another very fine choice..

    triple P, are you aware,you
    have had at least 1 view from..North Korea?

    Checking the map below, shows a surprising number of views, some from countries I've never heard of.

    I do hope the NK viewer didn't get into any form of trouble.

  2. I very nearly had to go to North Korea on business once!

    Some people turned up at my office and said I was "known of in Pyong Yang"!

    A bit scary! But the DMZ is the closest I ever got!

  3. Did you get to see any more of HM's treasures or was she just teasing you?


  4. I don't think she even knew she was doing it. Typical Treasury chick: insanely bright, no makeup, glasses, frumpy clothes but very pretty and you could tell there was a killer body underneath.

  5. I just hope she was efficient, effective and economic as the Treasury mantra goes...